Here's our growing list of influential musicians who have joined the MüB family.

Rhonda Smith

"Her name is Rhonda and she is funky"

You do know who said that, do you?

The Queen of Funk plays her very own Miezo 18 Rhonda Smith Signature, an instrument loaded with incredible custom specs and jaw dropping beauty.

Sheldon D'Silva

Mumbai based bassist extraordinaire Sheldon is a top name in the international jazz scene, having played with the likes of John McLaughlin, George Duke, Al Jarreau, Tony Banks et al.
Together with Sheldon we designed his signature MüB, the G-SDS which is a dream in the shape of a bass guitar.

Arash Eyvazi

Arash is one heck of a monster bass player. Quite fittingly, his Custom-Fit G5 SC The Rahil, was built with a simple mandate: build a monster bass. And we did.
Arash hammers his chops and amazing skills on stages and recording studios as a über-busy musician and first call bass for a hire.

Neil Bertrand

Texas based, Neil is the bassist for Ulterium Records’ Millennial Reign, who has opened for Sonata Artica, Hammerfall, Delain, Theocracy, Joe Lynn Turner, and Stryper. He is currently working on his debut CD ‘Circadian Rhythm’,
Neil owns three MüB - the J4 Meraki, the G4 fretless Alegra,  the G5 Mariposa.

Pepe Hernandez

Pepe is an accomplished songwriter, composer, producer and a top Mexico’s session/ touring musician credited on more than 500 albums. He has recorded 8 solo albums, spanning over jazz, funk, R&B, Latin. He has played just about every single arena, stadium and concert hall in USA and Latin America.

Pepe Plays his very own 6 string MüB Miezo 18.

Jauqo III-X

Chicago based bassist, producer, band leader Jauqo is known for having introduced the Sub-Contra bass to the world. His unique voice sets him in a cathegory of one.
Jauqo and MüB go a long way, since the beginning really. He plays his MüB J5 and the Miezo 6 J-III-X Signature.

Ken Chong

Quickly climbing to the top ranks of first-call touring bass player, Asian based bassist Ken Chong has been with us for a while and we enjoy our lengthy speculations about the perfect bass.
Ken plays the slick G6 Myo and his workhorse, do-it-all MüB G5 Actual Proof .

Monty Massey

Mumbai based bassist, Monty is a household name in the TV shows industry.
He's also busy with Bollywood scene, playing with the like of Sona Mohapatra, Ankit Tiwari, Neeti Mohan,  Darshan Rawal, Sree Rama Chandra,

He keeps them booties shaking with his MüB G5SC.