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The Cavo.

Damn, Those Lows.

Giving shape to 'air' is one of those challenges we at MüB like a lot. Wrapping the massive lows of a semi-hollow instrument in slick, solid body-like contours? The perfect job for us. Blending set-neck snap with neck-through playing comfort? Just our thing.
And so, here's Cavo: huge tone, total playing comfort. This brand new construction style, as shown here on the X3M 22.75" is available on all MüB models except Miezo. Incidentally, Cavo' is Italian for 'hollow'.

Cavo is made of two parts: The Contoured Semi-Hollow body contributes massive lows, depth. and great ergonomics, while our novel Set-Through construction adds sparkling bolt-on snap and clarity and makes for seamless, neck through-like playing comfort that is unmatched by traditional set neck construction. Tone and comfort going hand in hand.
The Cavo construction is available on all our models, scale length. Pictured here, the full Cavo X3M 22.75". Miezo is only available a semi-hollow.
This X3M, strung with standard .125/.045 gauge, sports a tight low E that cuts through with presence and clarity. Hear it for yourself.


The full Cavo contruction adds $800 to any model. Or, Contoured Semi-Hollow ($400) and the Set-Through ($400) can be added to your build individually. The Semi-Hollow includes a back laminate and is available only to orders with a top wood option.

Click here to learn about our other construction styles. For more about your MüB Cavo, please contact us.

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