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How To Choose Your MüB.

Being Custom Like No Other, means offering a virtually endless list of options. That can become overwhelming. So. Which model is right for you? Which configuration? Here's simple guide.
Choose the model.
J and G mk1 are designed for 19 to 22 frets. They sport less contour for a more vintage look and feel.

Mk2 is designed for 24 frets, sports deeper contour, a more sculptured body. It can be a bit lighter than the Mk1.

The G Mk1 or Mk2 is also available as single cut and multi-scale. Plus, we offer one of the best FF design"
The MüB///.

All models are available with traditional tuners, as MüB-Headless-Hybrid or true headless. They are all available in many scale lengths, as left-handed and fretless. If  you're looking for the best fretless there is, though, head straight for the F.
When you're done, choose the level of customization you want.

The Custom-Fit

The C-F allows you to modify most specs to achieve the tone you want and suit your unique playing style and ergonomic needs: wood selection, p-up type/placement. neck profile, fretboard radius, body contour, body thickness, weight, balance, matching knobs, p-up casing, ramp; electronics type, wiring, layout, hardware plating....  you name it.

The Über-Fit

Unlimited custom, envisioned for the die hard über custom dwellers out there, the Über-Fit is the result of a one-to-one creative process. We re-design one of our models to be uniquely yours and yet unmistakably MüB.
G U-F.jpeg
G U-F back.jpeg

Construction style

We offer many options: Bolt on, for a snappy, classic bass tone; Neck-Through for more sustain and that N-T look some of us have come to like; Our very own Set-Through construction style, which offer the best of both worlds; Cavo, for a hughe, semi-hollow tone in either Set-Through or Bolt-on configuration. Head over to the Construction Style page.
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