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How To Choose Your MüB.

Each MüB design has its unique personality. Which is best suited to be personalized to your needs and wants? Our unique take on custom hammers home why MüB is Custom Like No Other.

Let's do a quick simulation. Say, you want a 34", 24 fret fretless, headless fiver.
Step 1: Choose a model.
The G would be your best pick. It already comes with everything you need and is available in two designs: Mark I and II. Let's say that you pick the Mark I.
Step 2: Choose a custom level.

The Custom-Fit

The C-F allows you to modify most specs to suit your unique playing style and ergonomic needs: wood selection, p-up type and placement. neck thickness, fretboard radius, body contour, body thickness, weight and balance, matching knobs, p-up casing, ramp; electronics type, wiring, layout, hardware plating.... you name it. Some mods are included in the base price, others are optional and reasonably priced. We can do this for every model in our catalogue. Price starts at $2700.
Clearly, the C-F offers a degree of customization that is unmatched at its price point and quality. Now, here's where it gets interesting: let's just say that you also like our F design but you don't need the Infinity board and hidden p-ups. You just want to add a dash of F sleek looks to your MÜB.  Simply put, a MüB we haven't made yet. Enter the Über-Fit.

The Über-Fit





And here's your very own, one of a kind MüB Über-Fit.
G U-F.jpeg
G U-F back.jpeg
Unlimited custom, envisioned for the die hard über custom dwellers out there, the Über-Fit is the result of a one-to-one creative process, an instrument that is uniquely yours and yet unmistakably MüB. Price starts at $4200.

If you wish to share your ideas just
drop us a line.
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