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Ways To A MüB.
These are the construction styles we prefer. Each has its merits, both tonally and aesthetically speaking. The best way to know which is right for you is to help us see the bass player in you.



Our go-to construction style since day one, our Bolt-On neck extends all the way to the p-up, no matter how far into the body that is.

This larger-than-usual neck/body joint is one of the reasons behind MüB signature tone: great attack, snap, articulation and seriously long lasting sustain.

This construction is offered at no extra cost on all models.



We use this construction style mostly on the F. Given the superb sustain our bolt-on offer, we find that a set neck works best with fretless.

Our set neck goes all the way to the first p-up. It's pretty amazing how a MüB built this way retains the bolt-on attack while sporting incredible sustain. Lastly, neck and body transition is seamless, for great playing comfort.

This construction is free of charge on the F and priced at $400 and above on other models.




In our opinion, this construction style best works on Miezo and X3M. That's because our bolt-on and set-neck basses have little to envy to a true neck-through instrument in terms of sustain while sporting superior attack
That being said, there are cases when a neck-though is the ticket, and being a Custom (Like No Other) shop, we will gladly oblige.

Neck-Through construction adds $250 (Miezo) and $500 (X3M/Custom-Fit).


Cavo and Set-Through Neck.

This unique MüB construction style is actually two: Contoured Semi-Hollow body, and  Set-Through neck.

The former provides huge lows with the comfort of ergonomic contours. The latter blends the tonal qualities of a set-neck with the seamless playability and looks of a neck-through.

To the Cavo Page with full specs, pictures, demo.



Semi-Hollow Body options.

Besides being fully contoured, like the Cavo, our semi-hollow design can be had with custom sound holes.

Any design we together can think of, placed in different positions - be it front, side, back of the instrument. Or all of the above.

Starting price for the Semi-Hollow construction, with standard sound hole in the shape of the MüB logo, is $400.

Custom sound hole designs are quoted individually. The one pictured - the Constellation, starts at $250.


J4 blackbow_edited.jpg

In addition to Standard Tuners and Headless, we offer our very own Headless-Hybrid tuning system.

It's a clever design that combines the precision and reliability of the headless tuning system with classic looks. It also helps reducing weight considerably.

The Headless-Hybrid MüB is neutrally balanced. That is, it will sit at any angle you want, for as long as you want.


Headless-Hybrid Tuning System.

Please visit the Pricelist page for a full list of specs and options, Photo Gallery for inspiration. Or click here to send us a message.

And here's a handy button if the video below makes you want to send us a deposit. Thank you!

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