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The Miezo+

'Designed for those who would like to own a Miezo, because is so compact and easy to grab and play. But they prefer a E1 tuning with standard strings and don't particularly care for the wide range of options the X3M system offers. Or simply don't like the headless design and maybe they use flatwounds.  Well, friends, here's your Miezo: 22.75" scale length, low E tuning, compact, affordable, always with you. Envisioned and built for you  by your MüB team.

22.75" scale length, available as headless or with traditional headstock.

The Miezo+ is a set neck contruction which gives you total playing comfort, with full access to last fret. The M+ sounds incredibly articulate, yet big, full, like a proper bass. - take it a gig and watch jaws drop. The headless model fits inside the X3M backpack sized gig bag. The one with traditional headstock sits comfortably inside a guitar gig bag with room to spare.  String it with your preferred brand, clip the excess and off you go - or try a set of MüB-E  for an even fuller, bigger tone.

True to form, Miezo+ starts at an affordable price point. We want to make it perfect for you. If you can't afford it, how is that perfect?
Miezo+ 22.75" headless": 4 string USD1250  - 5 string USD 1350 - 6 string USD1550 (extra string, USD150).
Miezo+ 22.75" Standard tuners": 4 string USD1290  - 5 string USD 1390 - 6 string USD1590 (
extra string, USD150).

Classic configuration: 1 Bartolini single coil p-up, passive V, T; Body: Nyatoh, Raintree, White tulip; F/B (zero radius): Ovangkol, ironwood, kwila (only 4, 5).
ETS/MüB brass (headless) or Hipshot hardware (traditional tuners). Custom string spacing from 16mm to 19mm free of charge. Hand rubbed finish.

 We offer a huge variety of woods and many electronics options. Please check the main price list or let us know what you have in mind.

- Adding a top starts at USD250. Chambers are free of charge.
- MüB-H onboard headphone amp with aux-in jack: USD250. (Includes battery switch and LED, separate aux-in volume control)
- Dual coil p-up upgrade: $100. Second p-up: $200. Coil tap: $100.
- Bartolini, Aguilar, Nordstrand preamp: 2 band a/p ($340); 3 band a/p, mid freq sw ($390).
- Solid color, transparent high gloss/satin lacquer finish +$150. Colour stain +$100.

For E1 tuning we recommend stringing your Miezo+ with  a  .105" or .110" string gauge. Please don't exceed recommended gauge as that might damage the instrument and void the warranty.

Feel free to contact us. Or just press this little button to send a deposit and we'll be in touch. Thank you!


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