The Miezo.

]'Miezo' means 'half' in Maurizio's Southern Italian dialect. That is, two full octaves, starting from the 12th fret of a long scale bass, and tuned accordingly. Be it your travel instrument or one more creative tool in your arsenal, Miezo just works.

One of the features that sets the Miezo apart is how it recreates the ergonomics of a standard bass. Body size, contours, contact points, balance: Miezo instantly feels right. What works on your full scale bass works on your Miezo and vice versa - seamlessly. Because the Miezo is designed with us bass players in mind. And just like every MüB
it's handmade by the same people who make your custom MüB, with the same tools, parts, materials, passion, cult of personality and creative drive.

Miezo 16"

Miezo 18"


The Miezo is incredibly resonant, with bell-like clarity that's perfect for chords and arpeggio. String it with your preferred brand, clip the excess and you're good to go.


Pretty as it is, Miezo starts at a pretty price point too. We want to make it perfect for you. If you can't afford it, how is that perfect?


Miezo 16": 4 string USD550  - 5 string USD 680 - 6 string USD780 (extra string, USD150).

Miezo 18": 4 string USD730 - 5 string USD850 - 6 string USD970  (extra string, USD150) - The M18 features individual string bridge/tuner units. Custom spacing from 16mm to 19mm is free of charge.

Click to watch Pepe

play his Miezo.

Classic configuration: 1 Bartolini single coil p-up, passive V, T; Body: Nyatoh, Raintree; F/B: Ovangkol, ironwood, Kwila (only 4, 5), maple (+$70 for satin or gloss lacquer finish).

Truly custom. First and foremost, the Miezo is a MüB. As such, custom modifications are virtually endless. Here are some of the countless options available:

- Fingerboard: Ebony, purpleheart, bloodwood, gredadillo, birdseye maple, pau ferro (and more) add USD 70+/- depending on grade.
- Top: adding a top starts at USD150. Burls, ebonies and exhibition grade tops are priced individually. Chambers are free of charge.
- Body: Walnut, Padauk ($150), flamed Nyatoh, Tiger Rengas ($100). White ash: USD70. Other woods are priced individually based on availability/market price.
- Neck through construction USD150.
- MüB-H Onboard headphone amp with aux-in jack USD180. (Includes battery kill-switch and LED, separate aux-in volume control)

For more on p-ups, preamp, wiring, hardware, please visit the main Pricelist page.

We recommend stringing your Miezo with   .110/.095/.075/.060/.040/.030 or 025. A heavier gauge might damage the instrument and void the warranty. Shipping/import tax are not included. DHL to your door costs about $70 to $80 to North America/Europe (depending on weight/insurance). Less within SE Asia and Pacific.  Please send your post code for a quote.

Feel free to contact us. Or just press this little button and we'll be in touch. Thank you!

Please note: prices might go up without notice, due to increases on supply end. Please refer to the main Price Page for more details.


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