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How to become a MüB artist.


Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a MüB artist. Here's how we see it:
1. We think long term. We want musicians who will put in the extra effort to help grow the brand, both by being its active ambassador and by contributing to our R&D. We expect you to feel and act as an integral part of the family. So, cutting to the chase, if an endorsement to you is mainly a way to get new gear at a good discount, we won't go very far. Sorry.
2. We don't easily give a bass for free. A MüB cost us a lot of time and money to make and we are not a large factory to which a bass costs just a few hundred dollars.  We offer pretty good discount though, based on your profile.
If you are still with us, here's what we would like from you:
Ideally, you are a working bassist, playing bass is your job. You've been busy so far and for the foreseeable future.
Ideally, you have a website (and if you don't you should consider starting one).
Ideally, you are a recording artist - solo or with a band. Do you have a recording deal in place? A new album out there?
Ideally you teach at well-known music schools and/or have steady online classes.
You might have been interviewed or featured on social media channels/publications. Great. Tell us more.
Ideally, you are active on social media (and if you are not you should definitely think of starting). Active means that, you have at the least 20k followers on FB, Insta, YouTube and the likes. You post videos regularly, you know how to engage your audience. You know the drill.
You have all of the above in a neat Press-Kit that you can email to us. We will absolutely love you for that.
Perhaps you have already achieved that and then some. You are a bassists' bassist. We salute you and we'd be glad to talk to you.
Perhaps you are not there yet but you believe in yourself and work hard to get there. We salute you and we'd be glad to speak to you too.
We have three levels of endorsement. Write to us and we'll figure out the rest together.
Thank you and keep it groovy.

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