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The F King of Fretless.

More than just a bass without frets, the F is a creative weapon that takes you beyond the limits of the traditional fretless bass. An instrument endowed with amazing resonance and incredible clarity, attack, sustain. Impossibly light, comfortable, and balanced in a way you've never experienced before, the F was uncompromisingly designed to be only fretless and uniquely so.
F6 back.jpg
The F gives you a consistent feel at any plucking position, so that nothing gets in the way with your creativity. Quite a little design (r)evolution had to happen for all this to work and it's pretty amazing how well it does.

The F is available as Hybrid-Headless (pictured), true headless or with traditional tuners at headstock; in any scale length and number of strings. As with every MüB, the list of available options is virtually endless.

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