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The F King of Fretless.

When we put on the fretless hat we become a different musician altogether. You feel that too, don’t you?  So, why do we still play the same good ol’ bass, just without frets? Meet the MüB-F, designed from the ground up to be only fretless and the best at it.


We removed everything that gets in the way with your playing, giving both your hands total access to the entire nut-to-bridge area, with consistent feel and nothing disrupting the creative flow. 

F6 back.jpg

Extra long fingerboards traditionally sit on top of the instrument, which increases the distance between strings and p-ups. The result is inferior tone and output. Infinity, instead, sits flush with the top, one with the instrument, placing strings at optimal distance from the p-ups while providing consistent support to your plucking fingers across the board. Recessed bridge ensures optimal string/board alignment.


The MüB-F is impossibly light, balanced, gifted with incredible clarity, attack, sustain, playing comfort, precision: a creative weapon that takes you beyond the limit of traditional fretless basses. Everything was designed to make the complex simple. You just play. Quite a radical new concept, isn’t it?

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