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The MüB ///.


The /// has the sensibility and panache of an instrument that was born that way. The design balances multi scale requirements and MüB aesthetic vision with inspired simplicity, as opposed to forcing one upon the other. Right off the bat, the /// looks and feels familiar. Simply put, the MüB /// is what multiscale basses should have always been.

The MüB /// is available as dual cut, single cut, Headless-Hybrid, true headless, with standard tuning pegs, left handed and in most scale lengths at no extra cost.

Price without/with wood casing:

Custom Fit: USD3000/3250 (4 string)  USD3200/3450 (5 string)  USD3500/3750 (6string)  7 and above USD300 per string.

For a ful list of options available please go to our pricelist page.

The optional p-up casing brings back the thumb rest many of us were missing.

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