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The MüB ///.


The /// was designed from the ground up to seamlessly incorporate the multi scale layout into the MüB aesthetic vision and sensible ergonomics. Right off the bat, the /// looks and feels familiar. It's compact, light, comfortable, well balanced. Simply put, the MüB /// is what multi scale basses should have always been.

The MüB /// is available in any scale length; as dual cut and single cut; bolt-on, neck-though or our very own Set-Through construction style; Tuning system: MüB Headless-Hybrid, full headless, standard tuners. Left hand model available at no extra cost.

Price without/with wood casing:

Custom Fit: USD3000/3250 (4 string)  USD3200/3450 (5 string)  USD3500/3750 (6string)  7 and above USD300 per string.

For a full list of options available please go to our pricelist page.

The optional p-up casing brings back the thumb rest many of us have been missing in multi scale basses.

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