Andy Peterson Über-Groove Airborne 4. Spike. 4 strings, 30" scale. 24 frets, 16" radius. African mahogany body, Asian ebony top, Five laminate Maple/Padouk/W neck. Maple fretboard, EMG p-ups. Aguilar 3 bands preamp. Weight: 6.7lbs. Satin finish.
Custom fitting: 34" size body • Custom string anchor • Super narrow nut width with standard string spacing •  Spike inlay and laser cut signature •       
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Über-Jay V Nemesis 5 strings, 34" scale. 21 frets, 16" radius. Chambered Black Limba body, AAA Buckeye Burl top. Matching headstock. Black LImba/Wenge/BL neck. Black and white accent lines. Gabon Ebony fretboard, Nordstrand Big Singles p-ups. Audere 4 bands preamp. Clear gloss finish (body). Satin neck finish. Weight: 7.3lbs.
Custom fitting: See through 3D top wood finish • MOP/Abalone inlay  • Black Limba + B/W veneer hadstock back plate • Luminlay side markers •


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From the owner: "... Lets just say that I have never seen a sound guy smile so hard from what he was hearing come out from his p.a! Such amazing clarity indeed! And what a thing of beauty to play! i am super impressed indeed! I have spent endless hours just staring at the finish looking at all the beautiful "imperfections" in the timber and admiring their beauty and how you have managed to make them perfect yet retain their imperfection! that resin filling and keeping of all those knots etc is just marvellous! What a story that timber will continue to tell for many years to come! Thank you for creating such an amazing and unique instrument!..."

Über-Jay V Myst 5 strings, 34" scale. Chambered Ash body, Figured, quilted Male top with matching headstock. Maple/Purpleheart/Maple neck. Black accent lines. 21 frets, 16" radius Gabon Ebony fretboard, Nordstrand Big Singles p-ups. Nordstrand 3 bands preamp with p/a and mf push/pull. Weight: 7.5lbs.
Custom fitting: Matching Maple block inlays • Satin body, semi-gloss neck finish • Epoxied fretboard • Maple headstock back plate • Purpleheart neck heel plate and cavity cover.


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Andy Peterson Über-Groove Airborne 5 API.

Built for well known Asian bassist Andy Peterson. This bass is designed to be hand carried on planes. It weighs just about 7lbs and it's slimmer than the standard Ü-G model. It can be disassembled, reassembled and tuned in just five minutes. The tone is as punchy and articulated as any MÜB. It fits into a back pack and cabin crew won't even notice.

5 strings, 34" scale. Lightly chambered African Mahogany body, Western Maple top. Seven piece Curly Maple/Ebony/Rock Maple neck. 21 frets, 16" radius Birdseye Maple fretboard, Bartolini Split Coil p-ups and Aguilar OBP3 preamp.

Custom fitting: Slimmer body design • Can be disassembled quickly without removing strings. • Clear gloss body and satin neck finish. • 12th fret API ebony inlay. • Laser engraved signature • Maple and Bloodwood accent lines.


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Über-Groove V Samarkand 5 strings, 34" scale. Lightly chambered African Mahogany body, Mediterranean Olive top with matching headstock. Wenge/Ebony/W/E/W neck. 2 octaves Gabon Ebony fretboard. Ebony cavity cover. Nordstrand Dual Coil p-ups. Nordstrand 3 bands preamp with p/a and mf push/pull. Weight: 7.3lbs.
Custom fitting: Denim and Satin-into-gloss finish • Epoxied fretboard • Oval Olivewood inlays • Wenge headstock back plate • Black and yellow accent lnes • Wenge neck heel plate.


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Jauqo III-X Über-Jay V Funk Machine. Built for well known Chicago based bassist and producer Jauqo III-X. The specs are all custom-fit to his taste and playing style with special attention to slapping technique.

34" scale, 21 frets, 12" radius, 19mm string spacing at bridge. Swamp ash body. Quilted maple top. matching headstock.Birdseye maple/Purpleheart/BEM neck with Gabon ebony fretboars. MOP block inlays. Delano Humbucking p-ups. Delano 3 bands preamp with p/a switch and 3 way mid freq. toggle.  Clear gloss finish. Weicght: 7.5lbs.
Custom fitting: Slimmer body shape and deeper contours • Super thin neck • Nickel chrome plated ETS brass knobs and cavity cover with personalized engravings • Laser engraved signature.


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From Jauqo: "Maurizio this bass is beyond awesome. The quality of this bass is of the highest (...) It plays like butter and I'm able to get the action extra super low just like I like it (...) The bass is very light and comfortable and there is no neck dive at all sitting or standing the bass balances very well and this is a bass that can be used on a gig all night. (...)Overall a bass contender with the big boys that will not let disappoint".

Über-Jay V Cymatics 34" scale, 21 frets, 19mm string spacing at bridge. Chambered Wenge body. Camphor Burl top with matching headstock. Wenge/Padauk/Wenge neck. Gabon Ebony fingerboard, 16" radius. 2 Bartolini X series p-ups. Audere preamp. V, Bal, B/T stacked, Mid/passive tone stacked, Z switch, a/p switch, mid freq switch, battery LED. Weight: 7.8lbs

Custom fitting: Black coated brass cavity cover with engravings • Radiused ebony ramp • Double thickness Camphor burl top • Satin-into-Semi-Gloss finish • Epoxy finished fretboard.

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Über-Groove Kalahari 4 strings. 32" scale, 16" radius, 19mm string spacing at bridge. Primavera body. 3 piece laminate Curly Maple neck. Primavera headstock front and back plates. Gabon Ebony fretboard. 2 Nordstrand Big Singles and 3 bands Nordstrand preamp with mid freq switch. Satin finish. Black hardware. Weight: 6.8lbs.

Custom fitting: Custom fret marker inlays on fretboard and back of headstock back • Purpleheart back mid laminate Purpleheart pick guard • Evo frets with zero fret • Purpleheart nut • Custom p-up placement • ETS brass knobs • Black plated brass cavity cover with engravings • Tuners recess and carvings.


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Über-Groove Anti-Matter 34" scale, 21 frets, 16" radius. Mahobany body with Claro Walnut front and back drop sets. Matching cavity cover. Two Bartolini narrow soapbar p-ups. 3 bands Aguilar preamp. Black hardware. Weight: 7.8lbs

Custom fitting: Graphite neck with black prism finish • Fiber optics - red/front, blue/side • Quarter sawn Mahogany billet - Since the core wood is sandwiched between two Claro laminates, using a quarter sawn billed instead of flat sawn one makes the best looking grain fall on the exposed part of the body • 12th fret MOP logo - 'M' is also the owner's surname initial.


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Über-M Aphrodite. 4 strings 34" scale; 2 octaves unlined fretless. 16" radius. Asian ash body. Mediterranean Olivewood top. Matching headstock. Macassar Ebony back. matching cavity cover. Zericote fingerboard. Extra long neck joint. Wenge/Ebony/Wenge neck. 1 Delano HB p-up. Bartolini 2 band eq. Slightly chambered body. 6.3lbs

Custom fitting: Ebony p-up casing • Black custom faded paint (back) • Satin-into-semi-gloss finish • 12th position brass marker • Jack plug recess • Tuners recess.


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From the owner: "The Über-M Aphrodite is a fretless dream! Maurizio is obviously a talented luthier but beyond that, he is also an experienced bass player: (...) He helped me pick a top-notch OBP and pickup as well as a stunning combination of woods and hardware, all contributing to a tone to kill for and looks to die for. Seeing this bass come to life made me fall in love with it before I even laid my hands on it, (...).The ergonomics are simply flawless. A neck joint so solid and comfortable it makes you wonder if it’s a bolt-on or a neck-through. The instrument balances perfectly on my shoulders and is much lighter than all my medium-weighing basses. Tuning: I get an awesome feeling when I see the tuner needle staying in place (without wobbling) for ages. (...). Aphrodite is also very diverse, tone-wise. With a change in plucking position and a few minor tweaks here and there it can go from a deep, rich voice to a singing soloing sound. I'’ve been a huge fan of Maurizio’'s work since he first started posting it on He has yet to disappoint me ever since. He promptly replied to every e-mail, discussing my every concern and idea. Even after I received the bass, he was still eager to answer questions, explain things and give solutions. Aphrodite is a magnificent, one-of-a-kind instrument. An immensely creative design brought to life by able hands. There is no mechanical ‘perfection’ here, just excellence – organic, human craftsmanship".

Über-Jay V Ragnarök. 34" scale, 21 frets, 5 string bass. 19mm string spacing at bridge. Slightly chambered swamp ash body. Figured spalted maple top. Ash cavity cover. Asian Ebony board. Curly Maple/Wild African Olivewood/CM neck. Semi-gloss finish. Weight 6.8lbs.

Custom fitting: Larger body shape • 12" radus • Ebony back mid laminate • Lower horn scoop at the back • 60s Jazz bass p-up placement • Sadowsky p-ups and preamp • Matching Ash cavity cover • 12th fret matching inlay • Headstock Ragnarök custom inlay • Black Hipshot hardware • Input jack and tuners recess.


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"I played the bass from 4-5hrs straight. (...) when I plugged it in it's so heavenly. HOLY ****! I mean really for realz this is "The Bass" I've been wanting since I played bass! HAHAHA! For realz I'm out of words.. I hate the fact that the back is much more beautiful than the front.GOOD LORD MAU! You ain't kidding when you told me that yo wanna keep this bass.. LOLp.s. it feels like cotton candy on shoulders/back. Ohhh the resonance on this bass is dope... Is it just me or those harmonics pops out more than other basses?"