G5 Airborne SIngle Cut. The Lion.
30" scale. 24 frets. Curly honey roasted maple board. Hard maple/roasted maple/birdseye maple neck. Asian ash body. Olympic white finish. Satin neck. The Lion MOP/abalone custom inlay. Butterfly custom inlay. Custom vintage copper hardware.
Custom fitting:
Evo frets; The Lion custom inlay - white, gold, sunburst MOP/abalone. Butterfly custom inlay - flamed white mother of pearl. Custom vintage copper hardware.
G5 Single Cut, for Jason.
32" scale, Lychee top, chambered African mahogany body. Ebony board. Ash/tapered wenge neck, Aguilar DC pups and obp3 preamp. Black hardware.
Custom fitting:
Hand rubber open pore finish, satin back semi-gloss top; 28 frets with custom body modification for full access; Neck thickness to customer's specification; Carbon fiber spars; Evo frets; Matching ramp.
J4 Fretless, for Hanson.
30" scale. Fretless. African mahogany body. Black limba top and matching headstock plate. One piece wenge neck. 2 octave lined ebony board. Bartolini dual coil pups.
Custom fitting:
Gold mother of pearl fingerboard dots;  Mahogany cavity cover; Ebony/mahogany black painted custom p-up casings; XL maple lined board; Carbon fiber reinforcement spars.
J5 Spirit Light
5 strings, 34" scale, 24 frets. 5A quilted maple top, lightly chambered ash body. 5 piece maple neck. Nordstrand PJ pups.
Custom fitting:
Satin trans white finish; Cool whie and black mother of pearl inlays, satin gold hardware; brass nut; Evo frets; Total pursue of whiteness.
G5 Maranello. FOR SALE
34" scale, 24 frets, Asian ash body. One piece birdseye maple neck.Birdseye maple board. Nordstrand Big Split. Aguilar OBP3 preamp. Hipshot ultralight tuners and brass bridge.
Custom fitting:
Figured white Mother of Pearl block inlays. Padauk headstock back plate and reinforcement. Ferrari Azzurro California metallic paint. 'Maranello' engrave at neck heel. Carbon fiber reinforcement spars.
G4 30" Carpus
24 fret, 30" scale. Padauk top and body with sapwood and maple accent line. Zericote board. One piece maple neck. Nordstrand Blade P-J (w/w) pups.
Custom fitting:
Hand-rubbed, open pores, satin finish. Custom size gold MOP side dots; Carpus custom MOP inlay. Passive, Active Ready.



G5 Airborne
30" scale, 22 frets. Figured, quilted maple top, lightly chambered padauk body, maple/purpleheart neck, ebony board. Nordstrand BigSingles pups. Aguilar OBP3 preamp. Black plated brass hardware.
Custom fitting:
Paua abalone front and side dots. Carbon fibre reinforcement spars.
G5SC Myna.
Headless. 34" scale. 24 frets. Spectacular buckeye burl top, chambered ash body. five piece maple/purpleheart neck. birdseye maple board. Aguilar Super Double pups and OBP3 preamp. Black hardware.
Custom fitting:
Custom Myna Paua abalone/MOP inlay. Carbon fibre reinforcement spars. Custom teal blue/black dual stain over ash and side burst.
J4 Ta'veren
4 strins, 34" scale, 22frets. Ash body; quilted/figured maple top. Three piece ash neck, bocote fretboard. Matching headstock plate. Hipshot tuners and bridge.
Custom fitting: Ta'veren MOP inlay. Cherry red/black trans finish. Black stained bofy and neck.Hipshot D-tuner. Passive, Active ready.

G5 Airborne. The Lamb.


34" scale. 24 frets. Holly top over chambered padauk body. Bubinga board over 7 piece maple, purplehear, padauk neck. Nordstrand P And BS pups. MüB-T preamp.

Custom fitting:  Holly pick up casings and knobs. David star and butterfly MOP inlays. Evo frets.



G5. Maika'i.
34" scale, 24 frets. Chambered ash body. Flamed koa top. Honey roasted curly maple neck and fretboard. Matching headstock plate. Nordstrand NJ5A split coil pups. Passive VVT. Hipshot ultra light tuners and bridge.
Custom fitting: Custom Maika'i inlay; matching wooden cavity cover; custom neck profile, string spacing. Dual stain over ash body. Carbon fibre spars.


J4. Lynx
34" scale, 24 frets. Chambered Asian mahogany body, Spalted mango top. Matching headstock and magnetic cavity cover. 3 laminate maple neck with tobacco colored maple accent lines. Tiger Rengas fretboard. Nordstrand Big Singles. Wired passive (Vo, Vo, T). Black plated,brass hardware. Weight: 7.5lbs
Custom fitting: the bass is Active-Ready, which means that any preamp can be retro-fit without the need for routing. Reverse black sunburn back finish.