The Miezo Jauqo III-X Signature

Well known Chicago based bassist Jauqo III-X has been part of the MüB family almost since day one. He is a terrific bass player, instantly recognizable for his unique voice and his signature tone. He has given us the Sub-Contra bass - a unique instrument that challenges the lower end of the bass - the low C# string and the 15 (5x3) string bass. opening up a whole new world of tonal possibilities. Jauqo and I (Maurizio here) recently set down - some 12,000 km apart - and envisioned a Miezo that would bring out his unmistakable tone and could be more slap friendly. The Jauqo III-X signature is that Miezo.

One feature that is immediately noticeable is the curved end of the board, designed to not interfere with our thumb. As we all know, hitting the board/frets produces overtones that interfere with our slap tone. The curved profile keeps your thumb tone clear while allowing full access to the higher register.

Woods were chosen for clear, articulate, snappy tone - black walnut, Gabon ebony. The two in-line Bartolini p -ups are positioned for solid lows and snappy top end, with the clarity of single coil tone and fully hum bucking. The Bartolini full spec 3 band preamp provides huge tonal palette, with 3 way mid freq selector and it's active/passive.

A beautiful quilted maple graces the top while keeping the wood combo on the snappy side of things. A subtle maple accent line, brass ETS/MüB hardware and semi-gloss finish wrap up this beautiful instrument.

The Miezo J III-X is strung with SIT Jauqo signature strings and is available in 4, 5, 6 and ERB configuration.

The Miezo Jauqo III-X Signature is priced at $1250 (6); $1100 (5); $1000 (4). 7 string and above, add $150 per string.


To place an order please send a $200 deposit - you can click on the Paypal link here. Thank you!