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Build Your MüB With Us.

There's nothing quite like holding your own bass knowing that you have actually contributed to making it. Enter MüB Masterclass.

It doesn't matter if you don't have experience. The entire process has been arranged into four one-week long sections so you can choose based on your interests, skills and  available time. Prior to your arrival in KL  - which, BTW, is a pretty lively city - we'll discuss your goals at length and get everything ready for you.

So, come and join us. Building a bass is a lot of fun.
Sebastiano came all the way from Italy and spent 4 weeks
with us to build his Airborne 4/32". You can see the finished instrument in the short clip below.
Build Breakdown (one week each):

1. How to select neck wood(s), operate the necessary tools. How to select a fretboard, choose a radius and the theory behind it. How to slot  the board, fretting it. How to fit the neck to its pocket. The neck profile and the theory behind it. Choose this section is your main focus is on neck feel and playability.

2. You will learn how to select the right body wood - tonal, structural qualities, weight. How to shape, contour it. You will learn how to sand it to pre-finishing stage.  Neck/body final fitting. Choose this section if you are particularly interested in ergonomics and weight.

3. You will learn how to do fret dressing, familiarize with tools. How to do a hand rubbed finish: preparation, materials, fine sanding, application, achieving the desired look. Choose this section if you wish learn how to maintain your frets and finish well.

4. You will learn how to give your fretwork and the overall instrument a professional look. You will learn how to do great shielding, neat electronics wiring; How to assemble and disassemble your bass. Full set-up. Choose this section to learn what makes a bass sound and feel great and how to keep it that way.

Choose as many segment as you like. You could even, say, join us for a week, go on a holiday and come back for more. Total freedom.

Each week, consisting of 5 working days, 8 working hours, costs $500, which is added to the total cost of bass you've ordered.
Watch the video above to see Sebastiano's MüB in all its glory. You can click on the Paypal button to book a one week masterclass and we will be in touch. Or write to us if you have questions. Thank you!
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