I am a Gemini. My Castor had a successful career in advertising and film industry. Pollux picked up a bass guitar when he was a kid and never put it down.


All I have learned in my double life has found its way into the basses I build. And I have learned this: We all run the risk of becoming our own very limit.


Training, culture, techniques, available tools and material, workflow, logistics, allegiance to a certain craft, tradition, ambition, greed and whatever else defines one's style can eventually  become a powerful censor that filters out fresh, powerful new ideas and turns us into machines.


To avoid falling in the trap, I steer clear from doing the same thing more often than necessary. I let the core idea that lies beneath every project take control of building style, materials, technique and creative process. She is the only queen I swear my allegiance to.


The next big thing always hide under that stone waiting to be turned over.


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Master Luthier Jeffrey Yong.

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