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The Mieza.

Our love for the '60s/70s Classic Rock era in a sleek package ready to rock. A compact 18" scale length, tuned to the same pitch as your standard guitar, Mieza is the perfect addition to your arsenal. And with her compact, padded gig bag, she's your best travel companion by a mile. So, go ahead, string her with your preferred set and hit the road. 


Mieza fits inside the same airline friendly gig bag as the Miezo. To recreate the feel of a long scale guitar we use .052-.011 -  but you can go a bit lighter or heavier. And in true MüB style, we offer all modifications and options you can think of.

Mieza is priced at USD1200
and it's also available as 7 , 8....(each extra string, USD150).

Classic configuration. Body: Nyatoh; Fretboard (zero radius): ironwood, kwila . Hipshot/MüB brass hardware. Hand rubbed finish. Seymour Duncan SH2 p-up.

Fingerboard: Ebony, purpleheart, bloodwood, padauk, birdseye/curly/flamed maple, pau ferro, zebrawood. Starting at $100.
- Body: Walnut, Padauk, flamed Nyatoh, Tiger Rengas, White ash, Starting at $100. Other woods are occasionally available.

- Adding a top starts at USD250. Burls, ebonies and high grade tops are priced individually. Chambers are free of charge.
- Neck through construction: USD250.
- MüB-H onboard headphone amp with aux-in jack: USD250. (Includes battery switch and LED, separate aux-in volume control)
- Extra p-ups: $200 each (Seymour Duncan, Bertolini, Nordstrand). Coil tap: $100.
- Solid color, transparent high gloss/satin lacquer finish +$150. Colour stain +$100.

- For more on p-ups, preamp, wiring, hardware, please visit the main Pricelist page.

Feel free to contact us. Or just press this little button to send a deposit and we'll be in touch. Thank you!


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