The MüB Miezo

The Miezo completes our Über-Compact range. 'Miezo' means 'half' in Maurizio's Southern Italian dialect and the Miezo is just that: two full octaves in half the scale length. In other words, think of the Miezo's zero fret as the 12th fret of a standard bass. Applications are countless: a compact travel bass; more freedom experimenting with open tunings; a unique voice for chords and arpeggio work. Keep on reading, it gets interesting.
Portability. This one is easy: the Miezo is designed to fit within airline size allowance for hand carry baggage and it comes with a slick, handy gig bag. There.
MüB design pillars at work: ergonomics, True to our design approach we designed the Miezo to give you the authentic feel of a full scale instrument. Full body size, contours, contact points, balance, strap pins placement, left and right hand feel - either strapped on or sit, the Miezo instantly feels right. You will never need to find another position to play comfortably: what works on your full scale bass works on your Miezo and vice versa. The best instrument is one that adapts to the player and not the other way around.
Tone. At such a short scale the Miezo string tension is higher than on its corresponding 32" scale when using same string gauge tuned one octave higher . This offers more freedom when experimenting with open tuning/ string tension/ gauge. You could drop one whole step with same string gauge and strings will still feel tight enough. Its resonance is truly great and makes it a prime candidate for chords and arpeggios. And given the array of custom specs available - from tone-woods to p-ups/electronics - there's virtually no limit to how your own Miezo will sound.
Looks. When design focuses on human qualities, like ergonomics and playability, something beautiful happens: shapes become organic, look familiar, inviting, almost an extension of our body. This principle has guided our design this far. The Miezo is simply its latest incarnation.

Truly custom. True to MüB's mission, the Miezo can be had in any configuration one can think of: any p-up brand, type and placement; any pre-amp - we work a lot with Bartolini, Nordstrand, Aguilar, but you're free to choose what works best for you. Passive, active, scale length, number of frets, radius, exotic woods, finish - the works! Most comes at to extra charge. Like every MüB, the Miezo is handmade by the same people, with the same tools, parts, materials, passion and creative drive.

For everyone. We pride ourselves for making some of the most affordable high end, hand-made custom basses out there. Our mission is to make the perfect bass for you. If you can't afford it, how is that perfect?

So, with that in mind,


Starting price - including, 1 Bartolini Singularity p-up, passive V, T; Body: various species of Mahogany. F/B: Ovangkol, maple, ironwood (only 4, 5).

4 string USD480  - 5 string USD 550 - 6 string USD680 - 7 string and above add USD150 per string.

The Miezo comes with its gig bag. It can be upgraded to the Airborne X3M's which features a double compartment and strap for only USD30.

Some of the options:

- Fingerboard: Ebony, purpleheart, bloodwood, gredadillo, birdseye maple, pau ferro (and more) add USD 70+/- depending on grade.

- Top: add USD100+/- . Burls, ebonies and exhibition grade tops are priced individually. Miezo with top can be lightly chambered free of charge.

- Body: Walnut, Padauk, flamed Asian Mahogany and more: add USD100. White ash: USD50. Other woods are priced individually based on availability/market price.

- 3 Preamp (Bartolini, Nordstrand, Aguilar) USD280 including our super-slick shielding. Other brands available. Please ask for a quote.

- Dual coil p-up(s) - add p-up price difference. Coil tap for Dual/Single coil option, add USD50

- Piezo bridge and buffer.

- MüB-H Onboard headphone amp USD120. With aux input jack USD160.

- Onboard Octaver - but we would recommend using a proper pedal.

Lead time is minimum one month, depending on specs. To place an order or discuss specs you can contact us at Or just send USD200 deposit by clicking this cute button right here. Thank you!

About Paypal fees: In their immense generosity, Paypal arbitrarily state that, fees are on the seller side. Reality is, we pay Paypal fees on almost everything we buy for the shop. So we kindly ask you to share the burden with us. It's usually 4 to 5%. Say, you pay only 2% and everyone's happy. It isn't much - $20 on every 1,000 bucks.. But for us, paying $40 fees when we have already paid once seems unfair. To be sure, you can choose not to split the fees. We won't argue. Thanks.

ps: All Miezo come with a magnetic cavity cover. All the keys you need are neatly stored inside the cavity - just like with every MüB.

Please note: prices do not include shipping or any import tax on your end. But you know that ;-)  Please refer to the Price page for more details.