The MüB Miezo 18.

On the wave of success of both the Miezo and the X3M  - and thanks to the great feedback received - Ladies and gentlemen, join us in welcoming the Miezo 18!
As you might have guessed, "18" indicates the scale length - the classic Miezo's being 16" . We have made a little design revolution to fit 2 more inches within the very confined space airlines have given us. We are glad to report that, the Miezo 18 fits inside the same slick, handy gig bag as its smaller brother.
Two inches might not seem much, but in the super-short scale universe they are. Oh boy, if they are! Feel and tone are even closer to that of a long scale bass. And the Miezo 18 is about range, range and range!
String it with .105/.25 for a comfortable, familiar string feel when tuned to B1, E, A, D, G, C . With .120/.30 gauge the M18 can be tuned lower, up to G1 or even F#1.
As you try different string gauge and tuning you will discover different feel and voices, each great in its own right. Higher string tension produces a lovely singing tone that is articulate, full of nuances, great for chords, arpeggio, soloing at the upper register.
The M18 feels incredibly similar to playing a 34" scale, considering it's almost half the scale length. We placed a lot of emphasis on leveraging the extra scale length to further facilitate more playing styles - slap anyone? Try the M18!
Just like for the Miezo 16, you can use your standard strings and clip the excess at the anchor behind the mini headstock - Check this video to see how easy that is.
Custom strings will be available soon.

Just by looking at it you can see the MüB mantra at work: Ergonomic, distinctive and fully custom. You can see how design has arranged the extra space available to increase playability and comfort. We have upgraded our bridge to individual string bridge/tuner units. Beside looking damn slick, it allows us to offer custom spacing from 15mm to 19mm without long waiting time and free of charge. Yup.

Which Miezo is right for you?
****If you want a crystal clear, articulate tone and you are all about chords, soloing, arpeggios; if you are committed to the BEADGC tuning and prefer using an octaver or custom strings to go one octave lower (and we offer both options!) - then the Miezo 16 is just perfect. You get all that in a slick package at an unbeatable price/quality ratio.
**** If you like to explore lower open tuning, all the way down to F1# or 2nd fret on a standard 34" scale E string; If you want a groovy long scale-like tone and feel, and a slap friendly instrument; If you want even more freedom to adjust tuning and string tension to your many playing styles and needs, then the M18 is the Miezo for you.

Click to watch Pepe

play his Miezo.

Price and options.
Starting price: 4 string USD730 - 5 string USD850 - 6 string USD970 - 7 string and above add USD150 per string.
Specs are: 1 Bartolini single coil p-up, passive V, T; Body: Mahogany, Raintree; F/B: Ovangkol, ironwood (only 4, 5), maple (+$70 for satin or gloss lacquer finish).
Some of the available options:
- Fingerboard: Ebony, purpleheart, bloodwood, gredadillo, birdseye maple, pau ferro (and more) add USD 70+/- depending on grade.
- Top: adding a top starts at USD150 . Burls, ebonies and exhibition grade tops are priced individually. Miezo with top can be lightly chambered free of charge.
- Body: Walnut, Padauk, flamed Asian Mahogany, Renghas start at USD150. White ash: USD70. Other woods are priced individually based on availability/market price.
-- Neck through construction USD100.
3 Preamp (Bartolini, Nordstrand, Aguilar) USD320, 2 band $280 including our super-slick shielding. (Other brands available. Please ask for a quote).
- Upgrade to Dual coil p-up $50. Adding a second p-up costs $180, including the extra woodwork, parts and wiring needed.
- Coil tap for Dual/Single coil option, add USD50
- Piezo bridge and buffer.
- MüB-H Onboard headphone amp with aux-in jack USD180. (Includes battery kill-switch and LED, separate aux-in volume control)
- Onboard Octaver - depending on model. But we recommend using a proper pedal.
We recommend stringing your Miezo with .105/.095/.075/.060/.040/.025 with BEADGC tuning and up to 125/.105/.085/.065/.045/.030 gauge with lower tuning.

A gauge heavier than 120/.../.030 might damage the instrument.

Prices do not include shipping/import tax on your end. But you know that ;-)  Good news is, the Miezo ships DHL/Fedex to your door for about $60 to $80 to North America/Europe. Less to locations within SE Asia and Pacific.  Please send your post code for a quote.
To place an order or discuss specs plese contact us at Or send USD500 deposit by clicking this cute button right here. Thank you!
Please note: prices might go up without notice, due to increases on supply end. Please refer to the main Price Page for more details.