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The Miezo 18 Pepe Hernandez.

Pepe is an accomplished songwriter, composer, producer and one of Mexico’s top  musicians. Over the last 40 years, Pepe has composed over 60 original songs and released 8 solo albums, blending jazz, funk, R&B, Latin and more.
He's credited on more than 500 albums for the Who’s-who of Central and Latin America. Luis Miguel, Benny, Alejandro Fernandez, Armando Manazaneiro, Emmanuel, Vicky Carr…  A complete list would fill up this page and then some!
He has played just about every single arena, stadium and concert hall in USA and Latin America and toured the world extensively.  Please check his Facebook Page and You Tube Channel.

We're so very proud to welcome him in the MüB family. Gracias Mr. Pepe, MüBer, amigo!
Maurizio and the MüB Team.


Pepe’s Miezo18 is an instrument at the top of its game - just as the man himself. It's made of selected rainwood tree body for big, even, warm tone; Ironwood/ash/nyatoh neck through construction for extra sustain and snap; Blackwood ebony board, articulate and warm. Hand rubbed oil/urethane finish for a lovely organic feel. Two Bartolini Single Coil p-ups; Aguilar OBP2 preamp. MüB-H headphone/aux-in amp with individual volume controls to mix instrument and external signal.

Price: 6 string USD2300

Feel free to send us a message. Or just press this little button and we'll be in touch. Thank you!


Click to watch Pepe

play his Miezo.

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