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Dear Fellow Bass Player, 

Welcome to the place where basses are built using the most valuable material available: You.

It all starts with getting to know each other. We are bass players ourselves. We can relate. We listen to your goals with bass player’s sensibility and use imagination and meticulous craft to translate feelings into the instrument of a lifetime.

     Here is our mantra.

A better bass is the best teacher you're ever gonna get.

There is no such a thing as 'The best bass in the world'. All there is is the best bass for you. A bass built with you in mind, that looks and feels so right you can't help but picking it up and practice for hours. And that's how it should be. After all, 'custom' becomes soon irrelevant if your bass doesn't get you. The one that does get you though, now that is the best bass in the world.

MUB sketch oblivion

The bass should adjust to the player, not the other way around.

If you observe the way you play, you'll notice the little things that you do to adjust to your bass. Imagine how much better you could play if you didn't have to. Each MüB is built the way race cars are built - by fitting it to its owner. It's first and foremost a design process, not just pretty woods. We call it Custom-Fit. From Function to Form to Function to Form. Back and forth until it’s perfect. Ergonomics, balance, weight distribution, size, likes and dislikes, the Wow factor. And, yes, great tone and flawless playability. But frankly, a bass without either one doesn’t even qualify. 

G5 Cellar Door.jpeg

See for yourself how each MüB is in a category of one. Designed and build around its owner's likes, dislikes, unique personality and vision, each MüB is a first. Yet, in spite and perhaps because of all those differences, it is also unmistakably a MüB.  

When great ideas clash with our skills, we learn new skills.

This way of thinking has given the world slapping, tapping, double thumb, four-finger techniques, the five string cello... We are an Idea-driven company. We will never weaken a great idea because it doesn’t suit our skills or workflow. Instead, we push our skills farther and modify our workflow to make the idea shine. We pursue this delicate balancing act with absolute, unyielding faith in creativity, keen appreciation for beauty and a ruthless tendency to dare.


Stay fresh, one challenge at the time.

Why. Why not. What if. How about. This approach has taken us to the four corners of bass design, helped us build an extensive catalogue that keeps growing. From classic forms to our very own Headless-Hybrid design, pushing concepts like custom, versatile, compact. If our basses are lighter, better balanced, more ergonomic, truly custom and probably more sensible than any comparable bass it is precisely because we keep on asking ourselves the whys and hows. 

MUB constellation chambers1

Our slick Constellation Chambers, designed to reduce weight without affecting tone. That's right.

MüB Cavity.jpeg

First to introduce magnetic cavities and tool compartment. It works better and looks cool.


Our very own Headless-Hybrid design can weigh less than 7lbs. Perfectly balanced and beautiful.

So, feel free to join our family on InstagramFacebook, watch our videos, speak to other MüBers. Stick around. And do write to us. We love talking bass with fellow bass players.


Thank you and keep it groovy.

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