The X3M.

The X3M takes the Airborne to the next level: four different necks for four scale lengths which fit the same body and are über-easy to disassemble and reassemble.
The Airborne is available in 30",  25.5" and 22.75" , 18" scale length. Custom scale lengths are also available. Once disassembled, the 25. 1/2", 22 3/4." and 30" (single cut model, 21 frets) necks  and body fit right within the maximum hand-carry size allowed by our beloved airlines, The 18" scale neck X3M can be carried onboard assembled. The 24 fret 30" scale model will exceed the maximum allowed length by a mere 2". Who has the heart to stop this bass at the gate and still sleep at night?
The Airborne is a serious bass and not a scaled down, tamed MüB. Plug it in and you will wonder how such a nimble bass can sound so big: tight lows, even response across the board, well balanced tonal range and a B string so tight you won't believe you're playing a short scale bass. And it's incredibly light, at around 6lbs for the 30" scale bass.
Explore the inherent tonal differences of the four scales. Try different tuning,  different string type, native length and gauge. It's a very creative approach that opens up a universe of tonal possibilities. Either ways, the Airborne is an amazingly flexible design, built by the same people who build your MüB, with the same tools and the same uncompromising passion,
You'll find pictures of the X3M in the main MüB Gallery.  Or click here to go to the Miezo page.


Just like any other MüB, the X3M is available in both Classic and Custom-Fit specs and base price. It's pretty easy to quickly know of how much your X3M combo will cost. We roughly value a neck at 40% and a body at 60% total cost of a bass. So....
Classic. Full bass with 30" scale neck (one piece maple neck, maple or ironwood board, passive, 2 Bartolini single coil J p-ups):
USD1400 (4);  USD1500 (5);  USD1700 (6);  7 strings and above USD200 per string.
Only Body (same specs as above listed): $840 (4);  USD900 (5);  USD1020 (6);  7 strings and above USD150 per string.
Extra necks. 30" scale: USD560 (4); USD600 (5);  USD680 (6);
                        25.5" and 22.75" scale:$400 (4); $450(5); $550 (6); 
                        18"  scale: $250(4); $300 (5); $350 (6).
(7 strings and above: USD50 per string on any scale length).
Custom-Fit. Full bass with 30" scale neck : (active, ample choice of woods/ electronics and p-ups; many custom options available):
USD2100 (4);  USD2300 (5);  USD2500 (6); 7 strings and above USD300 per string.
Only Body (same specs as above listed): USD1,260 (4);  USD1380 (5);  USD1500 (6);  7 strings and above USD200 per string.
Extra necks. 30" scale: USD840 (4); USD920 (5);  USD1,000 (6);
                       25.5" and 22.75" scale:$600 (4); $700 (5); $850 (6); 
                       18"  scale: $350(4); $400 (5); $450(6).
A quick calculation will tell you that, for instance, an X3M Classic 5, 25.5" scale, with one extra 18" scale neck will cost USD 1,650 (body USD900, 25.5" neck USD450, 18" neck USD300). The same combo in Custom-Fit configuration will cost USD2,480 whereas an X3M Classic 5 with an 18" scale neck will only cost USD1,150.
Single p-up, piezo and other options are all available. We offer a package price for orders of three necks and above. Please let us know what you have in mind.