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P-ups, Electronics, Hardware.


The MÜB Über-Tone. 

The intuitive simplicity of a passive system in a fully active unit. Just roll on or roll off the Über-Tone knob and the powerful, state-of-the-art circuit will deliver an amazing array of tones.

The basic configuration is Vol, Balance (or p-up switch/Über-Tone. The unit can be customized to a specific basic tone. Ranging from a Motown-like sound to snappy, modern one.

Adding a Master Tone with active/passive push/pull capability and using it in conjunction with the Über-Tone control allows for countless permutations, always sounding very musical.

Adding a 3 position Mid frequency gives the player instant access to individually customized +/-12db boost and cut options. For instance, 1. Flat 2. Slap tone with mid scoop 3. Aggressive mid boost.

Designed in collaboration with and made by [sfx] custom shop in London.




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