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To place an order, please send a deposit. Once we receive it we will send you confirmation and  a delivery date (month).


The price quoted is locked at the moment we receive your deposit. Changes made during production will be quoted according to current prices at the time of the changes. Deposit is considered non refundable.  Any subsequent payment made is also non refundable if we have made progress on your order.

Deposit can be paid through our Stripe powered credit card link on the page, to our Wise account or our bank account. Please get in touch for details.

Subsequent payments can be made at any point during production. However, the item will be shipped only upon full payment of balance and shipping costs. Import tax are to be paid by the buyer to their custom agency upon arrival of the item. We are not responsible for import duties.

We ship your item, fully insured, with reputable, international courier services - DHL, at the time of writing. We'll provide tracking number, shipping documents. In no case we are to be held responsible for any issue arising after the item has left our shop. In case of damage or total loss due to mishandling during shipment, it is the buyer's responsibility to deal with courier company. We are willing to assist as much as we can, if we can.

Should you cancel you order, you understand that your initial deposit will be forfeited. In case cancellation is made after work on your order has started, any subsequent payment will be forfeited together with the deposit.

During production we will send regular updates with pictures. Please review them carefully and confirm that the project is proceeding as expected. Once we move on to the next step of production, we will not be able to make changes. Should changes be unavoidable we will send you a separate quote.

We are an environment conscious company. We choose wood for its structural, tonal qualities and character. As such, we consider knots, colour patches, discoloration et al to be a distinctive aesthetic element of the specific piece. Please ask us any questions you might have. We take pride in avoiding waste of precious wood. Rest assured that we will only use wood that is fit for the task.

Minimum lead time for standard orders: Miezo, 4 months; X3M, 5 months; Custom-Fit any model, 7 months; Über-Fit, 9 to 12 months. Lead time on highly customized orders will be assigned on project basis. You will be made aware of any delay and we will do our best to prevent that. Third parties, supply chain delays and the likes are beyond our control.

Return policy: All sales are final. Instruments cannot be returned or refunded.

By placing an order with us, or purchasing an instrument directly from our website, you confirm that you have agreed to our policies.


We offer a two year warranty against building defects. We will repair the faulty part or replace it with a similar one (same specs) and take the necessary time to do so. Our assessment of the defect, cause and repair needed is final. We take pride in what we do and will go the extra mile to right what we did wrong. But we will not allow third parties to be the judge of our work. Shipping costs, if any, will be paid by the owner and it must be done through DHL or Fedex.

Misuse, tempering with the instrument, having it repaired elsewhere without our written consent, fitting parts other than the original ones provided, any modification, using a string gauge heavier than .125/.045, problems due to excessive or lack of humidity, will void the warranty in its totality.  We're not responsible for the malfunctioning of third party equipment such as p-ups, electronics, hardware. We can help you contact the maker, if you so desire, and do our best to facilitate the resolution of third party related issues.

We will not entertain disputes based on personal taste on tone or similar subjective matters. We are proud of our fretwork. However, string action and playing style are closely related. Thus, fret noise with string action below 2mm at last fret requires appropriate playing technique and cannot be considered evidence of fault in our work.

Warranty applies only to the original owner. Should the instrument be sold before the two year period, the warranty will automatically become void. We build your MüB with the utmost care. Once in your possession, its well-being becomes your responsibility. Please check the Support page for useful tips and tutorials.

By placing an order you confirm that you have agreed to our warranty policy.

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