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      Seemingly different wood species often share similar qualities - structural integrity, weight, tone. Having been based in Asia for over twenty years, I know that local wood ticks all boxes. Plus one: it doesn't require shipping, which is both costly and polluting. What's good for the environment is good for me. Therefore we proudly offer some magnificent Asian woods as standard.

You can certainly choose wood from anywhere on the planet. We'll get it for you. But I promise you: trust me and you'll be happy. And so will Mother Nature herself. Thank you.


A MüB is a very personalized instrument. As such it is almost impossible to list all options. The final price depends entirely upon your needs and wants.



J, G, Airborne. USD2800 (4 string)  USD3000 (5 string)  USD3300 (6string) 

7 and above USD300 per string.

Fanned Fret Model. Price without/with wood casing:

USD3000/3250 (4 string)  USD3200/3450 (5 string)  USD3500/3750 (6string) 

7 and above USD300 per string.

The Über-Fit starts at $4200 (4); $4500(5); $4800 (6). Please contact us.

Standard specs and main options:

30”, 32”, 34”, 35" scale. (longer scales are optional)

21, 22, 24, frets. (Extra frets are priced at $15 per fret).

16”, 20” 42" and zero radius. (14" and below starting at $150)

Zero fret. String spacing 19mm (4, 5); 18mm (6) Custom spacing $25 per string.


Exotic top with matching headstock plate.

Neck: 1 piece maple or 3, 5 laminate. Available stringers: Wenge, Purpleheart, Padauk, Ebony, Myrtlewood, African Olive, Walnut, White Ash.


Fretboard:  Pau Ferro, Ovankol, Ironwood. Rock maple, Ipil.

Optional: Macassar ebony, Blackwood ebony, Gabon ebony,  Bloodwood, Padauk, Purpleheart, Bubinga, Wenge, Bocote, Zericote, roasted, flamed, birdseye Maple.


Side dots: White, gold, pink, black Mother of Pearl.

Optional: Paua Abalone, Marbled black, Flamed white MOP, Luminlay

Face dots are optional, price stanrting at $150 in either wood or white, black MOP.


Body: Raintree, Nyatoh, White Tulip.

Optional: Ash, Flamed Nyatoh , African Mahogany, Renghas, Tiger Renghas, Black Limba, Walnut, Wenge, Padauk.


Finish: Hand rubbed, satin or semi gloss on body/neck.

Optional: (Body) high gloss, clear, translucent or solid colour $250. Neck/board, sprayed satin or gloss $200

Graphite Neck Reinforcement spars, included.

Hardware: Brass or aluminum. Black, shiny or satin chrome, gold plated.

P-Ups: Nordstrand, Bartolini, Aguilar single coil or Dual Coil p-ups. Other type/brand available upon request.

Preamp: 3 band a/p with mid frq sw. by Nordstrand, Bartolini, Aguilar, Or our very own mighty MüB-Tone.

Standard machine heads and bridges by Hipshot and ETS.

Headless Hybrid proprietary custom system by MüB

All models come with magnetic cavity cover and tool compartment inside electronics cavity. Left handed are offered at no extra cost.

Artist models:

Tim Lefebvre Signature.

5 strings: US$3500

4 strings: US$3300

Sheldon D'Silva Signature Triquetra.

6 strings: US$4900

5 strings: US$4600

4 strings: US$4300

Add $400 for each extra string.

MüB-F fretless only.

6 strings: US$5500

5 strings: US$5000

4 strings: US$4500

Add $400 for each extra string.


Go to X3M prices/options; Miezo prices/options

A MüB gig bag is included.

If you want to send a deposit via Paypal please click on the button on the page of the model you're ordering. Our Paypal address is We also accept bank wire and Wise. Please contact us for details.

Thank you!


Minimum lead time for standard orders: Miezo, 4 months; X3M, 5 months; Custom-Fit any model, 7 months. Über-Fit 8 months. Lead time on highly customized orders will be assigned on project basis. Thank you for your patience.


With MüB you have the freedom to decide how long it should take us to build your Custom-Fit bass.

With a minimum lead time agreed, you can choose a later delivery date if that works with your finances.

That's how easy it is to choose MüB.
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Please note: Prices and specs might change without prior notification. Shipping, import tax are not included. We ship with DHL worldwide.

Deposit is non-refundable.

Return policy: A MüB purchased from the Available Basses page is fully refundable. Custom-Fit basses are unique instruments, made to our clients' unique specifications. We are still open to take them back. But we will keep one third of the value as partial compensation for our work and the money that went into it. Buyer covers shipping cost. We only accept return shipment with Fedex/DHL/UPS, insured for the full value of the instrument. Any damage during shipment back to us is buyer's responsibility and we will deduct any repair cost needed.



We offer a two year warranty against building defects. We will repair the faulty part or replace it with a similar one (same specs) and take the necessary time to do so. Our assessment of the defect, cause and repair needed is final. We take pride is what we do and will go the extra mile to right what we did wrong. But we will not allow third parties to be the judge of our work.

Misuse, tempering with the instrument, having it repaired elsewhere without our written consent, fitting parts other than the original ones provided, any modification, even partial, using a string gauge heavier than .125/.045 will void the warranty in its totality.  We're not responsible for the malfunctioning of third party equipment such as p-ups, electronics, hardware. But we will help you contact the maker. We build your MüB with the utmost care. Once in your possession, its well-being becomes your responsibility. Please check the Support page for useful tips.

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