All MüB are available in Classic and Custom Fit configuration.



This configuration is identical to the Custom Fit in terms of build and wood quality, playability, basic tone. Specs are fixed, wood choice limited .


34” scale; 21 or 24 frets; 20” radius; 19mm spacing.

Neck: One piece Rock Maple. 

Fretboard: Maple, Ovangkol.

Side dots.

Body: White or Asian Ash, Asian Mahogany. Other woods are occasionally available.

Finish: Handrubbed oil-urethane. Solid Colour + USD150.

Hardware: Black or chrome Hipshot.

P-ups: Bartolini Single coil J/J p-ups


• Passive USD1400 (4 string)  USD1500(5 string)  USD1700(6string)  7 and above USD200 per string.



Custom Fit.

Each Custom Fit bass is built around the specific needs of the owner. Playability, size, taste, tone, weight and ergonomics are all taken into account and the basic design is modified where necessary to address them.


A custom Fit is a very personalized instrument. As such it is almost impossible to list the price for all options. Many are included. Some are optional. The final price depends entirely upon your needs and wants.

Base Price (which includes many of the options listed):

USD2100 (4 string)  USD2300(5 string)  USD2500(6string)  7 and above USD300 per string.


30”, 32”, 34” scale. 

21, 22, 24, 26+ frets. 

10”, 12”. 14”, 16” 20” and zero radius.

16 to 19mm string spacing at bridge.


Exotic top with matching headstock plate with or without accent line. Burls, ebonies and thick tops are quoted individually.


Neck: 3, 5, 7 laminate. Maple, Wenge, Purpleheart, Padauk, Ebony, Myrtlewood, African Olive, Walnut, White Ash. Depending on wood selection/quantity used they might be an up charge.


Fretboard: Asian, African Ebony, Pau Ferro, Bloodwood, Padauk, Purpleheart, Maples, Ovankol, Grenadillo, Bubinga, Wenge, Bocote. Up charge in some cases.

Side dots in a wide variety of materials.


Body: White Ash, African Mahogany, Asian Mahogany, Asian Ash. Other woods such as Limba, Walnut, Wenge, Primavera and more are available as optional.


Finish: Clear gloss or satin finish FOC. Solid or translucent colour +USD150

Hardware: Brass, black, shiny, satin chrome, gold plated.

P-Ups: Nordstrand, Bartolini, Aguilar single, split coil.

Preamp: Nordstrand, Bartolini, Aguilar, MüB-Tone and Audere preamps.

JJ pups by the above brands are included. Dual Coil, PJ come with a small up charge

Standard machine heads and bridges are made by Hipshot USA.

Headless Hybrid custom hardware made in Germany by ETS.

MüB proprietary string anchors for the Headless Hybrid model and headless Airborne.

All models come with magnetic cavity cover and tool compartment inside electronics cavity.


Some of the options available: 

Any scale length, string spacing, number of frets not listed above.

Carbon fiber neck reinforcement spars.

Dual Coil, Quad Coil p-ups.

Custom wiring.

Block, Oval and custom fretboard inlays.

Pick-guard (wood, acrylic)

Custom inlays in a wide variety of materials.

Wooden p-up casing.

Matching cavity cover.

Ramps, slap plate, ramp/casing. 

Custom p-ups placement

Custom p-up wiring.

Custom hardware.

Custom finish.



Left handed are offered at no extra cost.

Sheldon D'Silva Signature Triquetra.

6 strings: US$4200

5 strings: US$3700

4 strings: US$3300

MüB-F fretless only.

6 strings: US$3500

5 strings: US$3000

4 strings: US$2500


For Airborne X3M prices/options please refer to X3M page.


For Miezo prices/options please refer to Miezo page.

And now, for something completely different, here are some cool ideas to make your MÜB even more affordable


Instead of the standard 4 to 6 months lead time, set your own delivery date. This options works well for those who are not in a hurry to get the bass and prefer to spread payment over a longer period of time. 

Just send in a USD500 deposit (not refundable, sorry) and sit comfortably while your bass takes shape. The kicker is, your price is locked and you re safe from price increases.



This is an option for those who want a passive bass but feel that at some point they might want to add a preamp. The bass is routed exactly the way active basses are, including battery compartment. All one has to do when the time comes is to buy the preamp and solder it to the p-ups. The cavty is large enough to house the most complete preamp out there. This option adds USD70 to the passive Classic model.


To start building your bass, you only need to click this cute, little button and send $500 deposit. Thank you!