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The Sheldon D'Silva Signature MüB-G6 Triquetra.

This absolute beauty is the result of over a year of creative brainstorm with bassist extraordinaire Sheldon D'Silva, in the quest for the bass of a lifetime, an instrument capable of rendering Sheldon's percussive style,  his soulful phrasing, rich chordal work, blistering fast slap technique. The MüB Triquetra is an aesthetic, ergonomic and tonal statement. It's articulate, snappy, versatile - ranging from piano-like clarity to visceral growl and everything in between. It's light and perfectly balanced, And it's heart-breaking beautiful.

34" scale, 24 frets.

Flamed Asian Mahogany, chambered, black stained. Burl top, black stain.
Ash mid laminate.
Five piece Maple/wenge neck.
Two carbon fiber reinforcement bars.
Gabon ebony board.
EMG single coil pick-ups positioned for extra bottom and snap. EMG 4 band preamp.
Hipshot bridge, Ultra Light tuners.
Trans black burst. High gloss finish.
Triqueta inlay, white/gold mother of pearl (optional).
Available in:
4, 5, 6 strings.
Ample choice of top laminate woods.
Natural colour plus a wide range of stain/trans colours. Black, chrome hardware.
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Price: 6 strings: US$4200 - 5 strings: US$3700 - 4 strings: US$3300    -   Please refer to the Price page for more details.

In Sheldon's own words: "The Triquetra is a symbol of the supreme trinity and the unity of the mind, body and spirit. Combining Intelligence, Fine Craftsmanship and Passion we build this instrument to bond and mature with the musician, to transcend a disciple into a master. Its transparency, translates your true sound and personality. Don't believe me? Play it and hear the sound of evolution!"
ps: Sheldon is in a category of one. Please click here to visit his website.
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