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Working with a visionary bass player and musician like Tim can only end up with a unique instrument. With our "Classic With A Twist' in mind, we took the J Mk1 and started over. The scale is 30" because Tim likes those deep, muscular sounding lows. We added the MüB signature sparkle at the top and even mids, to shake the classic tone concept.
The body was redesigned to recreate the correct ergonomics with a shorter scale, while keeping the feel of a standard scale bass intact when you strap it on. We chose Nyatoh, an Asian wood we have come to love: White Ash-like definition but smoother, Mahogany-like depth without its dark voice. The weight was fine tuned to feel just right too: 8lbs. Not heavy, not too light, and perfectly balanced.
The neck is a one piece rock maple, carbon fibre reinforced and Pau Ferro board: powerful simplicity, for a solid, classic tone with added snap and detail. Gorgeous top wood courtesy of Claro Walnut - but you can choose a different top.
The J5 Mk1 TL versatility and muscular tone is powered by a set of Bartolini J hum-cancelling p-ups and Dark Glass Tone Capsule preamp. The BEA strings can be strung though-body if you don't want to use short scale strings.

The Tim Lefebvre Signature MüB.

The J-Mk1 TL is available as 4 and 5 string. Price: 5 strings: US$3500 - 4 strings: US$3300.
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