The X3M.

The X3M takes the Miezo to the next level: five different necks for five scale lengths which fit the same body and are über-easy to disassemble and reassemble.
Scale length available are: 27", 25.5",  22.75" and 18". Take your pick. The 18" scale neck bolted onto the body fits right inside the X3M gig bag. The other two necks fit inside individual pockets in a separate compartments. And that is all within maximum hand-carry size allowed by our beloved airlines.
We also offer a custom 30" scale model which will marginally exceed the maximum allowed length by a mere 2" and would need a custom gig bag. Or it fits inside a guitar gig bag. Those who do not travel often will find in the super light 6.5lbs (3kg) 30" long X3M the best companion for long gigs.

The X3M is a serious bass and not a scaled down, tamed MüB. Plug it in and you will wonder how such a light, nimble bass can sound so big: tight lows, even response across the board, well balanced tonal range and a B string so tight you won't believe you're playing a short scale bass.
Explore the inherent tonal differences of up to five scales, different tuning, string gauge. A creative approach that opens up a universe of tonal possibilities.
Take a 5 string X3M for example:
The 30" scale strung with standard .125/.45 is tuned to a standard B0 to G2 and gives you a tight low B.
The 27" scale can be tuned to E1 to C3 when strung with .105/.35. Throw into the mix some custom strings like, say, .150 and above to get a tight low B.
The 25.5" can be tuned to E1/C3. You can use different gauges to test this scale's remarkable clarity with different open tuning.
The 18" scale is tuned one octave higher B to G, like on the 12th fret of a standard bass.
Whichever way you look at it, the X3M is an amazingly flexible design, built by the same people who build your MüB, with the same tools and the same uncompromising passion,

Body: Mahogany, Raintree. One piece maple neck.  Fretboard: Ovangkol, maple, ironwood (only 4, 5 string).
One Bartolini Single coil p-up, passive V, T;  Hardware: individual string bridge/tuners by ETS. MüB brass string anchor piece.
4 string: 18" scale $1050  -  22.75" $1150 -   25.5"  $1250   -   27" $1350   -   30" $1450  
5 string: 18" scale $1150  -  22.75" $1250   -   25.5"  $1350  -   27" $1450   -   30" $1550  
6 string: 18" scale $1250  -  22.75" $1350   -   25.5"  $1450   -   27" $1550   -   30" $1650
7 strings and above $150 per string.
Extra necks (neck only). One piece maple. Fretboard: Ovangkol, maple, ironwood (only 4, 5 string).
4 string: 18" scale $250  -  22.75" $325   -   25.5"  $400  -   27" $500   -   30" $600   
5 string: 18" scale $350  -  22.75" $425   -   25.5"  $500  -   27" $600   -   30" $700 
6 string: 18" scale $450  -  22.75" $5250  -   25.5"  $600   -   27" $700  -   30" $800
7 strings and above $100 per string.
The X3M two top screws double up as strap buttons, offering superior playing comfort with slick looks.
In principle, the upper button works well with 27" and 30" scale necks, the lower one with shorter necks.
There are another ways of looking at it, though.
For instance, the lower button used with a 27" scale neck pushes the nut away from the player, ideal for those who like to slap clear of the fretboard and play finger style right at the p-up bridge. It also recreates more closely the feel of a long scale bass.
Conversely, the upper button coupled with the same 27" scale neck makes the X3M perfect for those who like to play between p-ups, slap on the board and prefer a more compact feel.
You will also find that either option can increase the comfort level for right or left hand and can be quite a relief for a sore wrist.
Of course, should you prefer a traditional strap button placed where it works for you we will gladly oblige.
The MüB Clever-Key.

Airport Security - Sir, is that an Allen Key in your gig bag?

You - Yessir.

AS - I'm afraid you have to throw it away.

You - But, sir, how the &$%# am I supposed to assemble my X3M when I get to the &$#@*¢¥§ gig?

Introducing the MüB Clever-Key, a handy tool that drives both neck and string anchor screws. With it attached to your key ring all airport security might say is - cute!


Simple, when you think about it.


The MüB Clever-Key costs only $25 and it's free of charge with full specs X3M custom orders.


-Multi laminate neck: depending on woods, please ask for a quote.
-Fingerboard: Ebony, purpleheart, bloodwood, birdseye maple, pau ferro,
roasted maple (and more) starting at $70 depending on grade and neck scale.

Top: Starting at $150 . Burls, ebonies and exhibition grade tops are priced individually. X3M with top can be lightly chambered free of charge.
-Body: Walnut, Padauk, flamed Nyatoh and more: add $100 to $200, depending on grade. White ash: $70. Other woods are priced individually.

Upgrade to Dual coil p-up $100 second p-up $180.
Coil tap for Dual/Single coil option, add $50
3 band preamp (Bartolini, Nordstrand, Aguilar) $320 - 2 band, $270 including our super-slick shielding. Other brands available. Please ask for a quote.

MüB-H Onboard headphone amp with aux input jack; separate volume control $180.
MüB X3M Clever Key $25

-Piezo bridge and buffer, octaver. Please ask for a quote.

We offer a package price for orders of three necks and above.

The X3M is also available in same body thickness as our full scale MüB (40mm) at no extra cost.
Prices do not include shipping/import tax on your end. But you know that ;-)  Good news is, the X3M ships DHL/Fedex to your door for about $75 to $90 to North America/Europe. Less to locations within SE Asia and Pacific.  Please send your post code for a quote.
Lead time is minimum three months, depending on specs. To place an order or discuss specs you can contact us at Or just send USD300 deposit by clicking this cute button right here. Thank you!

Prices might go up without notice, due to increases on our supply end. Please refer to the Price List page for more details.