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Xtra. The Xtended Range MüB.

Xtravagant, Xtrovert, Xtraordinary. For those who were born to explore the boundaries of the bass galaxy, here it comes - the MüB Xtra. Designed with the precious help of someone who knows a thing or two about extended range basses - Mr. Jauqo III-X, the man who has given us the Sub-Contra and the 15 string five-by-three bass - the Xtra is another one-of-a-kind MüB model.


Xtra is available in any string number starting from seven, as Headless or Headless-Hybrid and with total weight starting at 9lbs - pretty Xtraordinary innit? Or with standard tuners at headstock.


Classic specs: $2900 for a 7 string, with each incremental string adding $300.

Body: Nyatoh, Kasah, Raintree. Ash (+$70) - Neck: three-piece rock maple.

Board: Ovangkol, maple (+$70 with satin finish).

Hardware: Black ETS/MüB headless/headless-hybrid system (16mm string spacing); or Hipshot tuners,.

P-ups: Two Bartolini single coil p-ups, passive.

Custom-Fit specs: $3500 for a 7 string, with each incremental string adding $300.

String spacing: 15mm to 19mm. Scale length 30", 32", 34", 36" and multi-scale.

Same wood choice as the Classic Series, plus variety of woods available for body, top, board and multi laminate neck. Two p-ups and 3 band a/p preamp included. Two double action truss rods and two carbon fibre reinforcement spars. Also available as set neck, single cut, neck through, semi-hollow.


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