G5 NIT - Night In Tunisia. FOR SALE Us$3200
34" scale, 24 frets, Ebony top and matching front/back headstock plates; Flamed Asian mahogany body, lightly chambered; Honey roasted maple neck and board; Hipshot Ultralight tuners and brass bridge. Bartolini dual coil pick ups, Aguilar OBP3 preamp with active/passive push/pull and mid frequency switch.
Custom fitting:
Neck reinforcement bars, NIT 12th fret inlay, body black stain and burst.
G5 Ghibli.
34" scale, 24 frets; Raintree body, matching headstock plate; Ebony board; One piece wenge neck, Bartolini Singularity pick ups; Aguilar obp3 preamp. Black Hipshot Ultralight tuners and brass bridge.
Custom fitting:
Hand rubbed open pore finish, satin; Neck reinforcement bars.
G5 Headless Firefly
34" scale, 2 octaves. Fretless ebony board, lined; Walnut body;  Five piece maple/wenge neck; Bartolini dual coil pups and 3 band preamp.
Custom fitting:
Clear plated brass hardware; matching ramp; Piezo with Bartolini buffer; bloodwood lined board; Carbon fiber reinforcement spars.
G5 Claro
5 strings, 34" scale, 24 frets; Master grade claro walnut top, lightly chambered ash body; One piece, master grade, flamed, honey roasted neck and board. Aguilar DC pick ups; John East 4 band preamp; Satin finish.
Custom fitting:
Carbon fibre reinforcement bars, custom body size modification.
G5 Infinity
34" scale, 24 frets, Asian ash body. One piece maple neck. Ovankol board. Barolini J spilt coil p ups; Aguilar OBP3 preamp. Hipshot ultralight tuners and brass bridge.
Custom fitting:
Ebony pick guard and matching headstock plate; custom body shape; matching pick up casings; Infinity mother of pearl inlay; Carbon fibre reinforcement bars; matching cavity cover.
J4 30" Tri-Force FOR SALE. USD 2900
24 fret, 30" scale. Macassar ebony top, matching headstock plate; Padauk body, lightly chambered;. Makassar ebony board. Three piece wenge/padauk neck. Bartolini dual coil p-ups; Aguilar OBP3 preamp.
Custom fitting:
Tri-Force gold and white mother of pearl inlay; custom neck measurements for extra comfort; Carbon fibre reinforcement bars.