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The Über-Fit Series.

Welcome to the Cult Of Personality. The Über-Fit series is a one-to-one creative collaboration that starts with an original concepts, takes any of our designs and turns it inside out. No limits, no holds barred. One heck of a creative trip.
Each Über-Fit is a one off project. We will not build the same Ü-F twice, except for the owner of the original design. Your very own Über-Fit will be yours and yours only forever. So, if that sounds like you, welcome home.

The Ü-F Renaissance.

Our client told us: "I like gold and purple. The rest is up to you".

Nothing terrifies a creative mind like an open brief and this was a tough one.

Until, it occurred to me that, purple and gold were the colours of Lorenzo De' Medici - the man who almost single-handedly kick started the Italian Renaissance - and of his city, Florence:  a gold lily on a purple field.

The Ü-F Renaissance body shape, contour, its uniquely sculptured back, the cavity design, the inlays, the silky looking flames on the maple top and neck laminate were all inspired by this concept. Lorenzo's own words, the first verse of his poem Trionfo, are engraved at the back of the neck.

The Über-Fit starts at $4200 (4); $4500(5); $4800 (6).

Starting price includes: Exotic top/matching headstock (where applicable) - burl, ebonies, rare woods are quoted separately - Hand rubbed or high gloss finish - various neck wood configurations, graphite reinforced. Two p-ups - 3 band a/p preamp (Nordstrand, Bartolini, Aguilar, Seymour Duncan), Hipshot or ETS/MüB hardware. Other brands available on request

The Ü-F Ludus Bassi II.

For his Ü-F project our client wanted to blend our fretless-only MüB-F and its sleek, unapologetic design with classic MüB-G elegance.

Every detail has been redesigned, down to the electronic cavity.

The wood choice is exquisite and beautifully subdued.

A 6lbs light beauty filled up with a huge tone palette.

The Ü-F Giant.

Quite literally, our client's brief was: Make me a HUGE 26 fret, 35" scale G6 SC that sounds even bigger than it looks.

No, really.

So. Well. We enlarged the body, made it thicker, longer; added the full Cavo construction style, reworked the ergonomics, ensured full access to the last fret, added plenty space in the leg rest area and a thicker-than-usual neck profile. All wrapped up in sexy high gloss purple finish top and satin back. Naturally, gold hardware.

Surprisingly light for its size, this MüB features a superb semi-hollow voice with deep yet articulate lows, while retaining the signature MüB clarity and snap. In one word: huge.

More outrageous projects are already in the works. Stay tuned .

Please click the button below to send a deposit. Balance is only due at completion. Or send us a message and we'll take it from there.

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