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The Über-Fit Series.

Über-Fit is the Cult Of Personality in the shape of a bass, the MüB for those whose idea of custom are too wild even for our Custom-Fit Series. It's a one-to-one creative collaboration that starts with any of our designs and turns it inside out. No limits, no holds barred. One heck of a creative trip.
Each Über-Fit is a one off project. We will not build the same Ü-F twice, except for the owner of the original design. Your very own Über-Fit will be yours and yours only forever. So, if you are after the expression of your unique personality, you definitely belong here.

The F&G Ludus Bassi II.

For his Ü-C project our client wanted to blend our fretless-for-life F and its sleek, unapologetic design with classic G elegance.

Every detail has been redesigned, down to the electronic cavity. The wood choice is exquisite and beautifully subdued.

A 6lbs light beauty filled up with a vast range of tones.

The Über-Fit starts at $4200 (4); $4500(5); $4800 (6).

Starting price includes: Exotic top/matching headstock (where applicable) - burl, ebonies, rare woods are quoted separately - Hand rubbed or high gloss finish - various neck wood configurations, carbon fibre reinforced. Two p-ups - 3 band a/p preamp (Nordstrand, Bartolini, Aguilar), Hipshot or ETS/MüB hardware. Other brands available on request

The G-iant.

Quite literally, our client's brief was: Make me a HUGE 26 fret, 35" scale G6 SC that sounds even bigger than it looks.

No, really.

So. Well. We enlarged the body, made it thicker, longer; added the full Cavo construction style, reworked the ergonomics, ensured full access to the last fret, added plenty space in the leg rest area
and a thicker-than-usual neck profile. All wrapped up in sexy high gloss purple finish top and satin back. Naturally, gold hardware.

Surprisingly light for its size, this MüB features a superb semi-hollow voice with deep yet articulate lows, while retaining the signature MüB clarity and snap. In one word: huge.

More outrageous projects are already in the works. Stay tuned .

Please click the button below to send a deposit. Balance is only due at completion. Or send us a message and we'll take it from there.

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