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The Über-Fit Series.

Welcome to the Cult Of Personality. The Über-Fit series is a one-to-one creative collaboration that starts with an original concepts, takes any of our designs and turns it inside out. No limits, no holds barred. One heck of a creative trip.
Each Über-Fit is a one off project. We will not build the same Ü-F twice, except for the owner of the original design. Your very own Über-Fit will be yours and yours only forever. So, if that sounds like you, welcome home.

The Über-Fit starts at $4200 (4); $4500(5); $4800 (6).

Starting price includes: Design development, modifications and woodwork. One top wood, matching headstock plate (where applicable) - Hand rubbed or high gloss finish - various neck wood configurations, graphite reinforced. Two p-ups - 3 band a/p preamp (Nordstrand, Bartolini, Aguilar, Seymour Duncan), Hipshot, Gotoh, ETS/MüB hardware. Other brands available on request.
What's not included: Burl, ebonies, rare woods; wood that has to be sourced/imported. Custom third party products. Hardware custom parts whether they are machined by us or by third parties.

Please click the button below to send a deposit. Balance is only due at completion. Or send us a message and we'll take it from there.

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