The MüB Airborne.

To airlines a bass is not a hand carry item. Technically, not even a headless bass is. If you did get through once or twice that was blind luck, not airline's sympathy. Or empathy. To get through check in screening you need a different bass altogether.
The Airborne is that bass. First designed to follow well known Asia based, globetrotter bassist Andy Peterson on his world tours, the Airborne has further evolved to become the perfect travel companion. At 30" scale length, it's smaller, slimmer, thinner and lighter than most electric guitars out there. Yes, you read that right.
With three giant neck screws and strings locked at both ends it can be disassembled in less than two minutes and fit into a back pack. Cabin crew won't even notice it. And with locked intonation the Airborne is ready to groove in less than five minutes, as punchy and articulated as every MÜB.
Not small enough? Try the X3M and Miezo for size.