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The MüB Custom Strings for Low E Tuning on Miezo & X3M.

M18 E1 String set.jpg

The tuning of a 34" scale bass, with the super short scale Miezo 16", 18" and X3M 18", 22.75", 25.5", 27".  Solid lows, sparkling top end, superb clarity, crystal clear harmonics and great feel  in a backpack sized instrument . If that ain't mind-bending!
To achieve this little miracle we teamed up with Kemp Strings in UK. They do excellent work, backed by University of St Andrews published research. The careful selection of cores and windings, custom tapering to fit the Miezo like a glove. We couldn't be happier and we're confident you will be too.

ning: 16" and 18": Low E (E1) - 22.75", 25.5", 27" - Low B (B0)Price (for all scale lengths): $90 (4) - $100 (5) - $110 (6) - $120 (7) (+ $5 flat rate shipping cost anywhere).10% discount and no shipping cost when ordered together with your Über-Compact instrument of choice.To order, please contact us.

Miezo 16 E string.jpg
Mub 22.75 B String.png
Mub 25 B String.png
Mub 27 B String.png

The MüB Tee

" It's the new white. You know?"
                             Larry Grammy

"If this t-shirt could only talk."
                                         Stanley Clerk.

"You're always only one MüB tee away from the right note."
                                                         Vittorio Vutten.

"No pockets, yet so much pocket."
                                               Piño Paladiño.

"Blue for 16ths. Green for triplets"
                                           Marc Queen.

" Do they make them sleeveless?"
                             Jacob Astorius.

"I always wear it for my runs"
                                           Billy She Ann.

* Miezo and X3M orders get 25% off. Custom-Fit orders get 50% off.
Please send us a note to place an order and to know shipping cost. Thank you.
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