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After building his signature Miezo 18"/6,  we teamed up with Maestro Pepe again. He had the opportunity to play the X3M before and he loved its tone, playebility, light weight and how it can greatly simplify one key aspect of his life as an accomplished musician: touring. The stage is where Pepe spends a lot of his time, sharing it with top artists from Latin America and beyond.
He has played just about any arena, stadium and concert hall in USA and Latin America and toured the world extensively. From now on, the X3M5 Maya will be by his side. Gracias Mr. Pepe, MüBer and amigo!

Maurizio and the MüB Team.

Pepe Hernandez Signature X3M.

Pepe’s X3M Maya is one unique instrument. It features a custom 32" scale length - the longest scale that can be fit in the X3M gig bag. Wood and finish were chosen with frequent humidity swings in mind. The lightweight body it's hand painted by Maurizio, with a colour palette inspired by Pepe's beautiful homeland: Mexico, and the Maya civilization.

Full specs: X3M 5 32"/24 fret. Neck: 5A roasted, flamed maple neck/board. Graphite reinforcement spars; smaller size nickel frets; 20" radius; white mother of pearl side/face dots, logo, Body: white tulip.
Electr: Bartolini J hum canceling p-ups; Aguilar OBP3 preamp (a/p, mid frq. sw.); MüB-H headphone/aux-in amp. Hardware: Chrome ETS/MüB. Finish: hand painted, lacquered high gloss (body), satin (neck/board). Total weight: 6.7lbs. And if you really want to go the Pepe's way, he tunes his X3M E-C .125 - .030

Price: 5 string USD4250 Or $4000 without MüB-H amp.

Feel free to send us a message. Or just press this little button to send a deposit and we'll be in touch. Thank you!

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