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Maurizio Caduto. Funder, Designer, Luthier.
I am a Gemini. My Castor had a successful career in advertising and film industry. Pollux picked up a bass guitar when he was a kid and never put it down. All I have learned in my double life has found its way into MüB.
I've learned that ,we all run the risk of becoming our own limit. Culture, tradition, logistics, bias, ambitions, complacency and whatever else one is made of can easily become the wall great ideas crash into.
And I've learned that, the next big thing probably hides behind that very mistake that's driving you mad right now.

Be true. Play bass.

Kenry Yap. CNC magician, luthier.
Kenry is the first official MüBer. He's the one behind all those air tight neck pockets, snug p-up cavities, slick wooden casings and covers, crazy complex inlays. Together we spend hours figuring out ways to use the CNC creatively.
Kenry is also well versed in guitar repair, understands woodwork very well and is a good guitar and bass player.

Kenry's strongest asset? His enthusiastic can-do attitude.


Sacha Lévesque. Public & Artist Relations manager.
In a way Sacha has been a MüBer since 2014, when we built together the G6 Oblivion - one heck of a creative tour de force.
Six years, two more MüB and many chats later we both realised that we had a lot in common - passion for innovative bass playing and new trends, minimalism, branding, communication and great, unconventional ideas.
And he’s a very nice guy, which kinda makes him just perfect for the job, doesn’t it?

Ricardo Ranito. Electronics, set up, fretting, demos.
Carrying his long name all the way from Portugal, Ricardo is  our latest MüBer. He started with electronics and has quickly learned the secrets of fretwork, set up and such.
Ricardo is also a great bass player with a busy touring past as you can appreciate in our videos.

And he is also into computer work, 3D printing, has a flair for Art and beauty, and he likes funk. Nuff said.


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