Maurizio Caduto. Funder, Designer, Luthier.


I am a Gemini. My Castor had a successful career in advertising and film industry. Pollux picked up a bass guitar when he was a kid and never put it down. All I have learned in my double life has found its way into the basses I build.


I've learned that ,we all run the risk of becoming our own very limit. Culture, tradition, logistics, bias, ambitions, complacency and whatever else one is made of can easily become the wall one's best ideas crash into.


And I've learned that, the next big thing probably hides behind that very mistake that's driving you mad right now.

Be true. Play bass.


Kenry Yap. CNC, luthier.


Kenry joined MüB recently, even though he's collaborated with me for quite a while.


He's the one behind all those air tight neck pockets, snug p-up cavities, slick wooden casings and covers. Together we spend hours figuring out how to use the CNC in creative ways.


Kenry is also well versed in guitar repair, understands woodwork very well and is a good guitar and bass player. It goes without saying: to work at MüB you've got to be a good bass player. Wood and such, you can learn.

Kenry's strongest asset? His enthusiastic can-do attitude.

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Master Luthier Jeffrey Yong.

My mentor and friend, Jeffrey builds some of the

finest acoustic guitars out there.