Uber-Jay 5 Прекраснa

34" scale, 24 frets, Figured Western Maple, Ash body, Wenge/purpleheart neck, Gabon Ebony board, matching headstock, 

Bartolini soap bar P/J p-ups. MÜB Über-Tone preamp: Vol / Bal / Über-tone / Master tone/ 3 mid freq switch. Black hardware. 8.4lbs
Custom fitting:
Custom three layer purple satin translucent finish. The 11th to 13th fret inlay is an accurate enlarged replica of Peter The Great's own royal gun marking. The inlay was filled with metal dust.


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Über Jay 4 Meraki. With standard tuners.
34" scale, 24 frets, Gotoh hardware and Res-o-lite tuners at headstock. Scarred African mahogany body with copper filled knot, Buckeye burl top with matching headstock plate and block inlays. Ebony H/S back plate. /Padauk neck, ebony board. Chambered. Bartolini p-ups and 3 band pre amp. 7.7lbs or 3.5kg.
Custom fitting:
Standard Tuners. Copper dust filled knots. Thin neck. Padauk insert under last fret. Maple MÜB logo. Asian ebony headsrock bakc plate.


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Über-Groove Airborne 5. The Shugyo.
5 strings, 33" scale. 24 frets, Slightly chambered Swamp Ash body. Buckeye burl top. Maple/Wenge/Padauk neck; Birdseye maple fretboard. 2 Bartolini Dual coils wired as parallel/single (inside coils). Aguilar OBP3 preamp. Custom brass hardware. Weight: 7.4lbs.
Custom fitting:
33" scale. zero radius. Smaller, slimmer body • Top load jack socket • Acrylic impregnated Buckeye burl headpiece • Custom brass string anchor • Custom neck profile • Buckeye burl fossilized look filler • Ebony/Buckeye ramp.


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Special Edition Über-Jay 5 Mille. This fiver is the prize of the Mille Lucky draw. 34" scale, 24 frets. Lychee top over blackwood mid laminate over African mahogany body. Padauk/maple/ebony/curly maple neck. Gabon ebony fretboard. Nordstrand Big Splits. Aguilar OBP3 with mid freq switch.
Custom fitting: Paua Abalone logo and custom block inlays. They are smaller than usual and with rounded corners. Ebony cavity cover. And this is the first Über-Jay with 24 frets and body design modified for easy access to all of them.
From the owner:  "... I can happily say that this bass is everything I had hoped for, and more. It is beautifully-made, with incredible attention to detail and lots of clever custom features that set it apart from your run-of-the-mill production bass. It’s a perfect combination of form vs function, and the sound is unbelievable. Visually, the bass is stunning. The grain of the lychee top is far richer than it appear in photos and the reddish-brown hue contrasts very nicely with the paua fretboard blocks and headstock logo inlay....
The bass (...) feels light-as-a-feather on the strap and extremely well-balanced. The satin-finish neck is silky smooth and an absolute joy to play.
 In terms of sound and playability, I love the bass’ responsiveness and versatility. It can go in an instant from warm and rich and smooth to a beefy, aggressive growl, and the notes sustain forever. The combination of the Aguilar OBP-3 and the Nordy Big Splits is glorious.
 It’s come with me on a couple of gigs so far  (...)  It fit perfectly into every song, and the rest of the band loved the way it sounded in the mix. The balance and light weight were noticeable too — I usually end up with a few aches and pains in my back after a full night, but not this time.  I love Maurizio’s artistic sensibility and the sense of logic and constant refinement that he employs on his builds. His passion for what he does is evident, and the results speak for themselves.

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Über-Groove 5 Soul Anchor.
5 strings, 34" scale. 21 frets, 16" radius. Chambered Padauk body, Flamed Black Limba top. Matching headstock. Wenge/Padouk/Wenge neck. Gabon Ebony fretboard, Nordstrand Neo Blades p-ups. Nordstrand 3 bands preamp with p/a and mf push/pull. Estimated weight: 7.3lbs.
Custom fitting:
Smaller, slimmer body • Custom side dots position • Bloodwood nut • Soul Anchor custom wood details • Hidden truss rod access.


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Über-Groove 6 Fretless. Oblivion 6 strings, 34" scale. 26 positions, 16" radius. Chambered Asian Ash body, One-of-a-kind flamed Myrtle top. Matching headstockn neck plate and cavity cover. Maple/Ebony/Bastogne Walnut/Maple/BW/E/M neck. Gabon Ebony fingerboard, Bartolini narrow soapbar split coil p-ups. Audere 3 bands preamp. Weight: 7.8lbs.
Custom fitting: Integrated p-ups casing and ramp with laser cut matching Mytle top • 'Oblivion' finish • Custom brass string anchors • Extra long neck join with custom screw holes lay out • Brass rings and dots as side markers • Tobacco coloured maple fret lines.


From the owner: " A few years ago I stumbled across Maurizio’s work online and was blown away by his designs and his eye for wood combinations. Forward to 2014 and I was ready to place an order. I was always interested in getting a fretless bass, but could never really find one that I found inspiring and the ones I would find interesting would have to be custom made and were way out of my price range. I contacted Maurizio; his price was more than fair. I placed an order and we started a conversation about basses that lasted 190 emails in which we discussed everything from wood combination, design, materials, hardware, finishes, custom features, etc. What a treat! I received Oblivion last week. The instrument is a 6-string fretless bass and I could not be happier with the result. I could go on and on about the exceptional quality in sound, craftsmanship and playability, but my words would not do it justice. What I can tell you is that every detail has been thought of and that the execution is flawless. The tone is complex, full of nuances and the instrument is a joy to play. What made this building process so exciting and fulfilling for me is the fact that the instrument was built by someone who is just as passionate as me, if not more, about anything related to bass. My vision for this instrument was to have it look like it was dug up the ground; hence the Oblivion finish that Maurizio and I brainstormed over. Throughout the whole process, we also brainstormed about a few custom ideas (pickup ramp, fretlines, strings spacing, satin finish, fretboard dots, etc.) and Maurizio never failed to bring new ideas to the table to improve upon what had already been decided. I am grateful and feel privileged to have been able to work with someone as passionate as him. I now have an instrument that will inspire me to play for many years to come. If you have your idea of a perfect instrument, I could not think of anyone more suited to the task to bring your dream instrument to life than Maurizio Caduto of Maurizio Über Basses"

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Über-Jay Aldebaran 4 strings, 34" scale. 21 frets, 16" radius. Chambered Ash body, Unusually pale Buckeye Burl top. Matching headstock. Maple/Purpleheart/Maple neck. Blue accent lines. Purpleheart fretboard, Delano Slim Humbucker p-ups. Delano 2 bands preamp with p/a selector. Clear gloss finish (body). Satin neck finish. Weight: 6.4lbs.
Custom fitting: See thorugh voids finish • 12th fret Svarowski crystal • Lacquered fingerboard


The inspiration for this bass combo came to me on one April night. Aldebaran is one of the main stars in the constellation of the Taurus, which falls in that month. Hence the name. It's the reason for the Swarovsky crystal on the 12th fret, inserted in a black circle, for the purpleheart neck and board. the Buckeye which always makes me think of a nebulosa. Chome hardware wraps up the theme. True to its theme, this bass's tone is especially articulated, with sparkling high, clean mids and deep bass. It'll hit you with a-lot of snap and amazing responsiveness. Slap tone is incredible. And surprisingly for a bass this aggressive, it sports a beautiful singing tone and deep growl. Very versatile with a flair for virtuoso playing.

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Über-Groove 4 Fretless. Scarlett 4 strings, 34" scale. 26 positions, 16" radius. Chambered African Mahogany body, Flamed Redwood top. Matching headstock. Padouk/Wenge/Padauk neck. Gabon Ebony lined fretless fingerboard, Bartolini narrow soapbar split coil p-ups. MÜB Hypertone preamp with p/a push/pull and 3 position mid freq toggle.  Estimated weight: 7 lbs.
Custom fitting: Custom p-ups placement • Custom body contours and scoops Extra long neck join with custom screw holes lay out • Bloodwood lined board • Luminlay side markers • Custom brass string anchors

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Scarlet Theme.

Über-Groove 4 Sngle Cut. Porthos. 4 strings, 34" scale. 24 frets, 16" radius. Chambered Wenge body, One-of-a-kind figured, flamed, burled and worned out Rambutan top. Matching headstock. Wenge/Padouk/W neck. Gabon Ebony fretboard, Nordstrand Big Singles p-ups. Audere 4 bands preamp. Weight: 7lbs.
Custom fitting: See through 3D top wood finish • Wide nut size with standard string spacing •  Porthos signature inlay •       
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