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Dear MüBer, This Page Is For You.


      Welcome to the MüB Owner's page. Here you'll find useful information about your instrument, offers that are specifically designed for you and, occasionally, a sneak peak on new instruments. If you wish to be notified, please consider becoming a member of the site. Or keep an eye on our social pages.
Thank you for being part of the family.



• Trade in program • You can now trade in your old MüB, any model, for a new, higher spec ready instrument or a custom order. Please contact us with pictures of your instrument so we can make you an offer.  We are particularly interested in MüB built before 2016.

• Update & Upgrade • For those of you who own an old MüB in need of some TLC. Or those who wish to add some of the many upgrades we have added over the years.

Hit the button below to chat with Maurizio. Please note, our time zone is GMT+8.
If you are not a MüB owner, please use our contact form. Thank you.

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