Here you'll find basses that are being built for inventory and can be purchased before completion. Early birds get a sweet 10% discount.
That's a clever way to save, so if you're game, please click on the Paypal link to send a $700 deposit and secure the discounted price. This offer is only valid until the bass is finished though, so hurry up.
New Early Birds Deal!

This beautiful pre owned G5 is one of a kind instrument which saw very little playing as the owner is more of a four string guy. When he traded it in for a four stinger, we decided to upgrade the whole instrument as if it had been built today. Woodwork, electronics, finish, plus a bunch of cool add-ons - a total rebirth. The two slideshow below here show the instrument after the upgrades. The slideshow below shows the original instrument and stages of the restoration work. Thank you!
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G5 Magma -  $2900. Early Birds, $2600. (A similar instrument ordered today will cost $4400).

Specs: 32" scale, 24 frets. Headless. Padauk body, thick pistachio top; lightly chambered.  Padauk/maple neck with wenge reinforcements. Carbon fibre reinforcement spars. Perfect quarter sawn maple board. Matching padauk cavity cover; Pitachio knobs with perfect grain match and mother of pearl dot.Two Nordstrand BigMan p-ups with individual coil selector (top coil/both/bottom coil); Nordstrand 3 band a/p preamp with mid switch and master tone control pot. Satin finish. Black ETS/MüB brass hardware, 17.5mm string spacing. Huge tone, tight lows and low mids; open, clear top end. Total versatility.
The bass is completed. The Early Birds discount ends on June 1st.
Hurry up.

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The original instrument and the restoration work.
Airborne 5.

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Airborne 5 SC -  $2800. Early Birds, $2520.

Specs: 30" scale, 24 frets.  Ovangkol board, Amboyna top, Nyatoh body, Maple neck, carbon fibre reinforced; Bartolini or Nordtsrand p-ups; passive, Active-Ready. Black ETS/MüB brass hardware. Custom gig bag included - carry two extra necks.