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Each MüB begins with getting to know the future owner both as a bass player and as a person. All I learn finds its way in his bass. I always suggest to name the bass before looking into specs. The right name captures the owner's vision with great clarity. Unhortodox perhaps, but for me it's extremely insipring and it's fun.


Once the build starts the owner follows the entire process through pictures and constant updates - daily at times. As the build unfolds ideas always pop up. Each is discussed thoroughly. Any question is asked before proceeding, every doubt clarified. The future owner is not just a client. He's my creative partner and the outcome  a truly joined effort. It's not like - you place an order here and the bass comes out at the other end six months later. That's why each MüB is unique to his owner.

Here's a case history.


The Über-Jay V Nemesis.

Matt wanted a five string Über-Jay bass with a lot of attitude and unique, striking look. Now, unique and striking means something completely different to each of us. What did it mean to Matt? I asked for a name. He came up with Nemesis. The Goddess of retribution. Energy, disruption, darkness. An uncompromising, unstoppable  force. We were ready to make sawdust.

"... After wiping the puddles of drool off the beautiful finish from everyone inspecting it before i got to plug it in, I hit the "go" button and let her rip!! Lets just say that I have never seen a sound guy smile so hard from what he was hearing come out from his p.a! Such amazing clarity indeed! And what a thing of beauty to play! I am super impressed indeed! I have spent endless hours just staring at the finish looking at all the beautiful "imperfections" in the timber and admiring their beauty and how you have managed to make them perfect yet retain their imperfection! that resin filling and keeping of all those knots etc is just marvelous! What a story that timber will continue to tell for many years to come! Thank you for creating such an amazing and unique instrument! this baby will be played and played for many years to come!! Matt".

Thank you for reading this far. Hope you enjoyed it. You can see final pictures of the Über-Jay V Nemesis in the photo gallery.



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