The MüB Classic

MüB is already one of, if not the most affordable handmade, custom bass out there. Yet, we  felt we could do more for our fellow bass players.
Unlike most high-end brands' affordable instruments, which are made by third parties, the MüB Classic is made by the same people (well, us) in the same shop, with the same machines, tools, woods, parts, passion and devotion as any high-end MüB. Because a MüB made by someone else is not a MüB.

Here's how we do it. Each MüB starts off as a Classic: we select woods for each build as if it were to become a Custom-Fit in the end. Then, right at the point where custom specs come into play, each build takes its own path: the Classic is fretted and finished while the Custom-Fit carries on with the extravagant stuff.
This is why a Classic feels and plays exactly like a Custom-Fit and sounds like a Custom-Fit that is built with the same wood combo and p-ups when played in passive: at its core, a Classic is the same bass as the Custom-Fit.
Now, the differences: the Classic comes in a fixed selection of wood, p-ups, specs and it's passive, whereas a Custom-Fit offers a universe of custom features.
For the body we use Asian mahogany or Raintree - a beautiful wood quite similar to mahogany with striking grain; a one piece rock maple neck; 24 fret maple, ironwood or ovangkol board; black or chrome Hipshot bridge/tuners. 19mm string spacing. Two Bartolini J single coil p-ups, passive .  The Classic still retains the über-cool back cavity with tools and magnetic cover and the extended neck pocket for great attack and sustain.
Here's the bottom line: 4 string: USD1600. 5 string: 1800. 6 string: USD2000. Available for both J and G models. Single Cut: add USD100. Headless: add USD100.
That is, a MüB for everyone.