Special Edition MüB3000Likes Uber-Jay5. Hawk.

This bass is the prize of the lucky draw celebrationg 3000 Likes on the FB page. 34" scale, 24 frets, Exibition grade buckeye burl top over chambered black limba body. Five piece maple/wenge neck. Ebony board with custom MOP Hawk face markers. Matching headstock plate and magnetic cavity cover. Bartolini dual coil pups and 3 band preamp with a/p and 3 way mid freq switch. 7.8lbs

Custom fitting:
Custom Fossilized Wood void filler. Custom See-Through voids filler. Carbon fiber reinforcement spars.


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Uber-Groove Airborne 6. Atom.

34" scale, 24 frets. Redwood top, chambered flamed Asian mahogany body, five piece maple/wenge neck, Gabon Ebony board, 

Bartolini Singularity p-ups. Custom preamp: Vol, p-up selector, 2 way tone selector (flat and bright). 7.7lbs.
Custom fitting:
One tone knob per each p-up is hidden inside the electronics cavity together with a/p switch. Cavity cover secured with magnets. Tools inside cavity. Custom Ü-G body shape. Custom string spacing (15mm) at bridge and nut width (45mm). Custom body contour (rather, the lack thereof). Custom wenge insert under tuner unit.


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Über-Groove 4. Crazy Dimond.
34" scale, 24 frets, Padauk body with sap wood. White ash/padauk neck. Maple board. Matching headstock plate and cavity cover. Bartolini Dual coil pups and 3 band Audere Classic preamp with Master Tone and mid freq switch. 7.7lbs or 3.5kg.
Custom fitting:
Hand rubbed oil-urethane satin finish. Custom inlay at fretboard end.


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Über-Jay 4. Blackbow.
34" scale. 24 frets. Ash body. Five piece maple/walnut neck. Pau Ferro board. Bartolini dual coil p-ups. Audere Pro-Z 4 band preamp. Weight: 7.2lbs.
Custom fitting:
Custom Ü-J body contour; Burned and black stained grain with satin semi-transparent black finish. Blackbow custom inlays behind 7th fret and under MüB logo. Coil tap p-up wiring.


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Über-Groove Airborne 5. Stedfast.
34" scale, 24 frets. Spalted mango top, chambered ash body. Zericote board with sap wood. Five piece maple/padauk neck. Bartolini P and J in soapbar casings. MüB Über-Tone preamp. Satin finish. 7.5lbs.
Custom fitting: Custom reduced Ü-G body shape and extreme contour to lower overall weight. Multiple mango inserts. MüB preamp is custom centered on preverred overall tone and offers the following controls: Vol, Blend, Master Tone, Über-Tone, a/p, 3 way custom preset mid switch (cut/flat/boost)

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Über-Groove 5 Akita.
5 strings, 34" scale. 24 frets, 16" radius. Olympic white. Asian mahogany body, Rengas/ebony neck. Headstock back ebony plate. Bartolini J pups housed in matching rengas Infinity wood casing. Nordstrand 3 bands preamp with p/a and mf push/pull. Black hardware. 7.8lbs.
Custom fitting:
Infinity p-up casings. Fully custom body contours • Ebony/rengas nut • Carbon fiber spars.


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Available USD2300. Please enquire within or PM via FB page.


Über-Groove Airborne X3M, The Hellraiser.
4 strings, 34" scale. 24 frets. Amboyna body, three piece wenge/myrtlewood neck. Zero radius wenge board. Satin handrubbed oil-urethane finish. Nordstrand Big Singles p-ups. Audere Classic 3 band preamp a/p, mid freq switch. X3M easy-assemble bolt-on design. 6.8lbs.
Custom fitting: The Airborne X3M is quick to disassemble (3min really) and reassemble. Bolted it fits into a guitar case. Unbolted is fits in the hand carry size as requested by most airlines. Locked intonation and strings mean that once assembled the bass is ready to gig.

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Available. USD2000. Please enquire within or PM on the FB page.

Ü-G 5 Single Cut. Wolfenstein.


34", 24 frets, Chambered African Mahogany body, Wenge top. Five lams ash/wenge neck. Pau Ferro fretboard. 2 Bartolini Dual Coil, Aguilar OBP3.

Custom fitting:
3mm thick ash mid laminate • Wolfenstain custom face markers • 8lbs.


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Über-Groove 4 Single Cut. The Promise.
4 strings, 34" scale. 24 frets. One of a kind Rain Tree top. Chambered flamed Asian mahogany. Three piece maple neck with bloodwood accent lines. Blackwood board with sap. Matching headstock plate and cavity cover. Bartolini P and J pups. Aguilar OBP3 preamp a/p, and mid freq switch.
Custom fitting: Custom Fossilized Wood void filler.  Custom The Promise Mother of pearl inlay. Ebony ramp.

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Über-Jay 5. Genesis#1. 
  35" scale, 24 frets. Exibition grade fiddleback maple top, chambered alder body. Curly maple/rock maple/padauk neck. matching maple headstock plate and cavity cover.Nordstrand Dual Coil p-ups. Audere Pro-Z preamp. 8lbs.
Custom fitting: Custom 35" scale body design. Ash back mid laminate. Matching maple p-up casings. Paua Abalone rounded edges block inlays and M logo.
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