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The Maurizio Über Guitars.

Our dedication to creativity, craft, attention to details and downright unorthodox thought process, applied to guitars. We have received so many requests over time that, we couldn't resist it any longer. With a caveat: designing guitars isn't the same as designing short scale basses - or the other way around. So we started with figuring out what works best on a guitar.
The SG is light, nimble, versatile, ergonomic and fully custom, made with wood combination and p-ups chosen with you bring to life a guitar of a lifetime.

The first thing you'll notice about the SG is how the body design facilitates your playing. The large scoop under the right forearm makes strumming the guitar very comfortable. The treble horn is positioned to make chords at the board end super comfortable.

The nimble shape makes for a sleek, lightweight instrument.

 The SG is the perfect springboard for your ideas. If you feel like pushing the envelope with us click here.


The SG starts at $1700. Any custom modification can be had, including adapting its design to your ergonomic needs.
We like Hipshot hardware and p-ups by are Seymur Duncan, Bartolini, Nordstrand. But we'll gladly use your preferred brand.
For details about wood options and cost, please refer to the main Price List page.
Thank you!
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