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One Of A Kind.

In here you'll find instruments that are pretty unique. That's quite a feat for a MüB. Still, sometimes we build one instrument on a hunch or an order takes an unexpected turn and we found ourselves staring at a very unique instrument both aesthetically and tone-wise. We don't do this often or regularly. So, if you see something you like, go ahead and grab it. We might never build it again.
X3M 22.75" Helvo - $2150

This  Special Edition X3M sports a neck-through construction and was entirely hand-painted and signed by Maurizio. The whole instrument is finished in satin lacquer. Optional MüB-B custom string set, discounted to $90.

"The name Helvo has a funny origin. When the all-blueish artwork was finished I felt that something was still missing and added a little red brush stroke. Almost immediately Iit reminded me of the painting Helvoetsluys by JMW Turner and the story behind - if you're not familiar with it just google the name of the painting. I suppose my subconscious wanted to pay homage to the great painter".               Maurizio

22.75" scale  -  Neck-through Maple neck  - 21 frets maple board  -  Mahogany tone block  -  Raintree wings  -  Aguilar Music Man p-up  -  Passive, Active ready  -  ETS/Müb chrome hardware  - 19mm string spacing.

Gig bag included. DHL anywhere, $100 flat rate, insured. Contact us or click to send a deposit

G5 Samarkand 2013-2023 $4300

I built the original G5 Samarkand in 2013. Last year I had the opportunity to buy it back and decided to upgrade it to the highest level of craft and creativity we have achieved in the ten years since it sold. The bass was disassembled, each part sanded back to bare wood, reshaped, modified, upgraded. We replaced the old ebony fretboard with a new one, added a Macassar ebony back laminate, replaced headstock plates with new ones, added oval MOP inlays, matching olive/wenge knobs. We designed custom parts specifically for the Samarkand, envisioned creative solutions where we had to. Replaced the old bridge with a new one, signed by me. The Samarkand is now at the very pinnacle of what we can offer and I am proud - albeit a bit sad - to offer it to you. yet again.


G5 Headless-Hybrid.

34" scale, 24 Evo  frets.

African mahogany body; Mediterranean olive wood top.

Macassar ebony back laminate.

Graphite reinforced, 5 piece wenge/ebony neck
Gabon ebony board and headstock plate.
Matching olive wood p-up casings.
Olive/wenge/mother of pearl knobs.
Magnetic makassar ebony cavity cover, engraved.
White mother of pearl oval inlays.
Custom brass Teardrops string anchors.
ETS/Mub brass hardware.
Black burst, satin poly finish on body; satin handrubbed finish on neck.
Nordstrand Dual Coil p-ups/3 band a/p preamp with mid frq sw.
19mm string spacing.

The tone is incredibly refined, detailed across the entire frequency range. Precise, warm, clear. It will enhance the smallest nuances of your playing. This bass will be the joy of those playing complex lines, with consistent voice across the entire board. The bass comes with a photo gallery of the original instrument and of the work done to bring it to its current level.


MüB Gig bag included. DHL anywhere. For inquiries, please send us a message

G5SC Lia - $4000

Specs: 34" scale, 24 frets, 9lbs.

Solid ash body; 1000+ year old stabilized maple top venner. Laser engraved original artwork by Italian artist Lia Bosch.

Graphite reinforced Ash/maple/zebrawood neck;
Blackwood ebony board and headstock plate.
'Lia' pink mother of pearl inlays.
Matching wood casing/ramp; arched body top (bass side).
Chrome plated brass Hipshot bridge, Ultralite tuners.
High gloss poly finish (body; Trans-purple paint (top); satin (neck).
Nordstrand Zen Blade p-ups. Please note, after pictures were taken, the casing was modified to expose the Zen Blade poles as shown in the demo video below.
Bartolini 3 band preamp (a/p, mid freq sw).
19mm string spacing.
This bass sound tight, articulate, very slightly compressed, with big lows, even mids and a sparkling top end. It's a versatile, expressive instrument. We have yet to find a combination of playing style and preamp setting that didn't sound great. We can swap preamp if desired. 
ps: A coil tap would make this bass perfect.


MüB Gig bag included. DHL anywhere.

For inquiries, please send us a message

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