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One Of A Kind.

In here you'll find instruments that are pretty unique. That's quite a feat for a MüB. Still, sometimes we build one instrument on a hunch or an order takes an unexpected turn and we found ourselves staring at a very unique instrument both aesthetically and tone-wise. We don't do this often or regularly. So, if you see something you like, go ahead and grab it. We might never build it again.
Airborne 6, Delfino -  $4,500 - SOLD

Specs: 30" scale length - 6 strings, 24 frets.

The MüB 6 Delfino is our tribute to the genius of the Italian master luthier Stradivarius - Delfino being one of his most famous violins.

As such, the entire instrument is made of Master grade, roasted, flamed and curly maple.

True to form, the MüB 6 Delfino sounds authoritative, articulate,  showcasing a wide tonal palette. From clear, sparkling top end to smooth, soft lows, to tight mids, its voice never muddy.

And it's incredibly fast, making your refined technique shine.

Construction style: our very own MüB Set-Through neck. Ebony/holly laminate. Two graphite reinforcement spars.

Black mother of pearl face dots. Evo frets. Brass hardware.

16,5mm string spacing, adjustable by 1mm+/- for each string.

Aguilar dual coil p-ups; Aguilar OBP3 a/p preamp, mid frq sw.

Hand rubbed semi-gloss finish.

Our blend of urethane based finish feel  and looks smooth and organic, while being many times harder and more durable than oil. More than twenty coats were applied by hand on this instrument to achieve its luxurious sheen.

Total weight: 6.5lbs

MüB Gig bag included. DHL anywhere. Custom options available.

For inquiries, please send us a message


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G5SC Lia - $4000

Specs: 34" scale, 24 frets, 9lbs.

Solid ash body; 1000+ year old stabilized maple top venner. Laser engraved original artwork by Italian artist Lia Bosch.

Graphite reinforced Ash/maple/zebrawood neck;
Blackwood ebony board and headstock plate.
'Lia' pink mother of pearl inlays.
Matching wood casing/ramp; arched body top (bass side).
Chrome plated brass Hipshot bridge, Ultralite tuners.
High gloss poly finish (body; Trans-purple paint (top); satin (neck).
Nordstrand Zen Blade p-ups. Please note, after pictures were taken, the casing was modified to expose the Zen Blade poles as shown in the demo video below.
Bartolini 3 band preamp (a/p, mid freq sw).
19mm string spacing.
This bass sound tight, articulate, very slightly compressed, with big lows, even mids and a sparkling top end. It's a versatile, expressive instrument. We have yet to find a combination of playing style and preamp setting that didn't sound great. We can swap preamp if desired. 
ps: A coil tap would make this bass perfect.


MüB Gig bag included. DHL anywhere.

For inquiries, please send us a message

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