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In this section you will find preowned MüB. In most case we acquire them through our trade-in program. Depending on condition we might refinish them, dress the frets or re-fret, redo the copper shielding, replace old pots/wires. Even do some woodwork updates/upgrades. If you place an order on one of these before is complete, we can modify it to your liking.
Über-Groove 4 Scarlett -
Price to be set after all mods are completed.


This bass is being updated & upgraded. Current specs: 32" scale length - 4 strings, 26 position fretless. 7lbs

Mahogany body. Padauk/wenge neck with graphite reinforcements.

Gabon ebony board, lined (bloodwood)

Flamed redwood top; matching headstock plate/neck heel extension.

Two Bartolini hum cancelling p-ups .

MüB-T preamp (a/p, vol, balance, Über-Tone, master tone, 3 mid freq preset switch toggle. ETS/MüB brass hardware.

Brass slap plate at fingerboard end.


This bass was build entirely by hand in 2014/2015, back when I - Maurizio here - was working alone.  We will make a number of upgrades and add any cool idea that might come to mind while we work on it. It's going to be great!

For inquiries, please send us a message

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Über Groove 6 Oblivion - $2400

Uber-Groove 6 Fretless. Oblivion

6 strings, 34" scale. 26 positions, 16" radius.

Chambered Asian Ash body, One-of-a-kind flamed Myrtle top. Matching headstock neck plate and cavity cover. Maple/Ebony/Bastogne walnut neck. Gabon Ebony fingerboard,


Nordstrand NJS p-ups. Audere 3 bands preamp. Weight: 7.8lbs.

Matching p-ups casing and ramp;  MüB brass string anchors (first type) • EBrass rings and dots as side markers • Tobacco coloured maple fret lines.

Built by hand in 2015, the Oblivion features an unusual aesthetic treatment under the poly urethane finish. The idea behind this project was that, the bass should look like it was forgotten underground and dug out after a long time. So, once completed, the bass was scratched with various objects, including barb wire, smudged with grass and soil, screws were hammered onto it and a nail was embedded in the wood.

We haven't seen it in person, but comparing the original pictures (on black background) and the new ones sent by the owner it's clear that the bass has been well taken care of. The bass is currently in USA and sold as is. Price does not include shipping cost.

For inquiries, please contact Mitch directly at

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