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In this section you will find preowned MüB. In most case we acquire them through our trade-in program. Depending on condition we might refinish them, dress the frets or re-fret, redo the copper shielding, replace old pots/wires. Even do some woodwork updates/upgrades. If you place an order on one of these before is complete, we can modify it to your liking.
10% discount to celebrate Maurizio's birthday. Only till end of June.
Über-Groove 4 Scarlett - Price with current specs: $3300

This bass is being updated & upgraded.


G4 Headless-Hybrid. Specs after upgrade: 33" scale length - 4 strings. 26 position fretless or fretted.

Mahogany body. Padauk/wenge neck with graphite reinforcements.

New ebony, blackwood or zericoteboard, lined or unlined (if fretless)

Flamed redwood top; P-ups: 1 Bartolini or Nordstrand

2 or 3 band preamp (Bart or Nords)

Brass inserts at headstock; Black or satin gold hardware. Satin finish.

More options available. The sooner you book it, the sooner you can make it the way you like it.


This bass was build entirely by hand in 2014/2015, back when I - Maurizio here - was working alone.  We will make a number of upgrades and add any cool idea that might come to mind while we work on it. It's going to be great!

For inquiries, please send us a message

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