The MüB-F

A fretless bass is a different instrument. It is played differently, with more attention to nuances and subtleties, with fewer boundaries and a more creative mindset.
Which is exactly what the MüB-F wants to be, uncompromisingly designed to be only fretless.

Playing the MüB-F is something you might have never experienced before. Taking out of the equation the ever changing gap under the strings on a standard fretless bass, what's left is an even, consistent plucking feel.  String tightness at the various plucking positions becomes the only feedback your right hand fingers receive from the bass. Every MüB is extremely responsive, its tone articulate, with shotgun attack and seemingly ∞ sustain. The MüB-F adds to that what a fretless needs - amazing resonance.
Quite a few little design (r)evolutions had to happen for all this to work. Click on the pictures below for more info and large pictures.
The list of available options is - true to MüB's vision - nearly endless, and it is up to you and us together to pick and choose what works for you.
As for every MüB, the F is available as Hybrid-Headless (pictured), true headless (hardware by MüB and ETS) or with traditional tuners at headstock and bridge (by Hipshot) Any scale length and number of strings is available.